New Scout Orientation 2021

NSO Day is designed to get our incoming First Year Scouts familiar with Troop 98, start them off on requirements for the Scout badge, and begin to get them prepared for their first campout in May. It's also an opportunity for you to get to know them, and to try out for the position of Troop Guide or Instructor if you're interested.We need current Troop 98 Scouts to come out and show them what a cool troop they've joined! Help us in any of the following stations:

  • Games (pre-opening game and during a mid-morning break)

  • Advancement requirements for Scout rank

  • Campout preparations - Gear (personal gear, patrol gear)

  • Campout preparations - Menu (choice of meals, samples, duty roster)

  • Hospitality team - prepare morning refreshments and lunch

  • General Support

  • There may be time to work on your own advancement requirements (we'll do our best!)

In addition to these specific jobs, you should interact with the new Scouts, get to know them by name, find out things about them, answer questions about Scouting, patrols and the troop, and show off how great Scouting can be in Troop 98. You should also wear your uniform proudly and in good condition this day (check the weather forecast and dress accordingly as we will be outside the entire time).

  1. Current Scouts should arrive at 8AM. New Scout Orientation begins at 9AM for the new guys. You'll be done by 1PM (and you're welcome to come part-time; let us know on the sign up form).

Sign up for NSO Day here: NSO DAY

Troop Guide and Instructor Try-Outs

Help us welcome the new guys!

Sign up for NSO Day here: NSO DAY

April 10, 2021 at St. John's

    • New Scouts arrive at 9AM

    • Current Scouts arrive at 8AM

    • Parent meeting at 11:30AM

    • Ends at 1PM

Instructors are also highly valued leaders and teachers in a troop. This is a Scout willing to teach a skill to other Scouts. He does this by making sure he knows how to do it himself, figures out the best way to teach it, plans how it will be done, gathers materials and help needed to be successful, then carries it out. [Mr. Trejo also thinks this is the coolest looking leadership patch of them all]

If you would like to be considered for a Troop Guide or Instructor position, please come to the New Scout Orientation Day and let us know you're interested on the sign up form.

A Scout who is a Troop Guide has one of the most important jobs in the Troop. He is tasked with teaching, mentoring, counseling our New Scouts and setting a great example for them. He needs to know (or learn or re-learn) all of the basic Scout skills and is a champion of great Scouting, his new Scout patrol and the overall Troop. The Troop Guide must be at least First Class rank and have a good attendance record (at both meetings and activities).