Troop 98's 7 Pillars of Virtual Scouting:

1. Best of BSA content • 2. Turn in-person → virtual • 3. Youth leaders plan + deliver • 4. Involve Scouts before, during and after • 5. Personal connections • 6. Skilled delivery • 7. Strive for normalcy This page is best viewed on a computer screen (vs. a smartphone)

Goals and Delivery Philosophy

    1. Select and carefully curate content in order to build "ready-to-deliver" virtual Den Meeting plans.

  1. Meeting plans are targeted to Dens, not Packs, and are age-appropriate in content and duration. Duration guidelines (max):

      • Lions - 15 minutes

      • Tigers - 15 minutes

      • Wolves - 20 minutes

      • Bears - 30 minutes

      • Webelos - 30-45 minutes

      • AOLs - 45 minutes

  2. Meetings should include traditional and non-traditional components:

    • Presenters are in Scout uniform

    • Opening/closing, flag etiquette

    • Cub Scout motto, sign, salute, Scout Oath and Law

    • Traditional den skills and activities (Adventures) but only those best-suited to virtual delivery

    • Advancement tracking and recognition

    • Non-traditional games and contests

    • Include assignments and challenges for Cubs to do after the meetings to encourage joining the next meeting

    • Focus on FUN, engagement and personal connection (find ways for Cubs to be involved/present but with appropriate brevity)

    • Include opportunities to involve families

    • Consider participation in the outdoors (nature scavenger hunt in your backyard)

  1. Make these meeting plans readily accessible to Den Leaders.

  2. Recruit and train Scouts BSA members to skillfully deliver meeting content in conjunction with Den Leader.

    • BSA Scout presenting content online can be considered a Den Chief (or Instructor)

      • A second BSA Scout is paired with the Den Chief to be "Digital Wingman" (or "Technologist"), working to set up and run the meeting from a technical standpoint.

    • These positions can be interchangeable, depending on the interests and qualifications of the BSA Scouts

  1. With assistance from Den Leaders and BSA resources for Cubs, plan a few weeks of meetings at each Cub level.

  2. BSA Scouts learn/practice content and delivery of meetings.

  3. Deliver these and assess/score success (lessons learned) to adjust content, delivery approach, format, etc.

    1. Use lessons learned to inform development of future meeting plans.

Community Service Ideas:

    • Cards for nursing homes

    • Cards/video messages for first responders/front line workers

    • Food drives

    • Collaborate with Scouts BSA projects

    • Pick up trash (turn in a photo, they get sent a patch)

Age-level content

Gather on this page curated, specific examples (not broad ideas) of Den Meeting programs which are well-suited to digital delivery.

  • Include "instructor guide" or notes to assist in preparation and delivery.

  • Include links to useful age-appropriate and length-appropriate external resources (videos, songs, existing topic decks, existing game/quiz decks)

  • When available, include recordings of prior delivery sessions (in compliance with state laws and with consent of those recorded)

Parts of a Den Meeting [training LINK]

Technical Guidance and Tips

Tips and tricks for best-in-class digital delivery.

    • choice of delivery platform

  • meeting settings in delivery platform (Zoom, Webex, etc.), including security and authentication

    • admitting participants (and booting trespassers)

    • turning off and on the ability for participants to speak, show video, present content, chat, annotate, etc.

    • presenting content via Share screen, including static and dynamic (video) content

    • setting up and hosting games

    • using polls

    • using breakout rooms

    • providing technical assistance

    • consideration of participants ability to easily join and participate in all content (one vs. two screens required); use this to inform program and game selection

    • methods to communicate login/password details to targeted participants without compromising security (no public listings)

      • email group

      • chat group

      • post on closed social media group

  • eliminating/minimizing screen "handoffs"

  • taking attendance

  • seeking feedback

Virtual Cub Meeting 2 FITNESS - Complete slide deck for Virtual Cub Scout meeting on Fitness

Social Distancing Patch - Use this patch or sticker to promote social distancing guidelines, remind scout families that Scouting continues through difficult times, or surprise your scouts at the next Pack meeting after experiencing this global event together. This patch is meant as a fun way to recognize Cub Scouts