Cradle of Liberty Council History

The Cradle of Liberty Council was created on January 1st, 1996. It was the result of the Philadelphia Council (founded 1911) and the Valley Forge Council (founded in the 1950s) merging. Currently, there are more than 69,000 youth in the COL council, who are distributed into more than 1,000 units, which makes it one of the largest councils in the nation. The Council's current number is number 525.

This Council currently operates two different Scout reservations:

  • The Musser Scout Reservation located near Green Lane, Montgomery County, PA.

  • The Resica Falls Scout Reservation located in Monroe County, PA.

This Council used to operate Treasure Island, which was the first American scout camp, and the founding place of the Order of the Arrow. Unfortunately, this camp closed in 2008.

For more information, visit the Council's website: