Gear Guy

REI Spring Sale (

    • Nalgene water bottles - 50% off. We recommend 32oz or 48oz wide-mouth bottles like this or this (although be careful; the 48oz may be so tall it falls out of your side pockets)

    • Bandannas - $2.93 for red or white. Recommend you have at least two of these (Scoutmaster Bob carries about 5)

    • Liner socks (to wear under your outer socks) - $6.19 isn't the best price but at least it's less than full price

    • Outer hiking socks - $9.69 is a good price for REI brand outer socks

    • also HERE

    • and HERE (these are a little heavier, if your boot size runs large)

    • Multi-towel - 75% off! Compact and super useful for the times you can shower in the Philmont backcountry

    • Winter beanie or HERE - if you need a new one; good to have for unexpectedly chilly nights

    • Synthetic underwear HERE, HERE and HERE - super helpful for long days of hiking; easy to wash and dry in the back country

    • Compressible Pillow - a little bit of a luxury but you'll love having it

    • REI Rain Jackets at 30% off - a truly rain-repellent jacket is a MUST-HAVE for Philmont

    • NEMO accordion Sleeping Pad at a good discount - a good alternative to the Therma-Rest Z Lite Sol ($45 on Amazon)

    • Dishware set - you really only need the bowl and the spoon and fork but this is a great deal

    • SPORKS - Mr. Trejo is buying a bunch of these and will be happy to sell you one for $1.50.

EMS Upgrade Your Gear (

  • Techwick synthetic underwear and also here (small and medium size only on sale)

  • Thunderhead rain jacket (a great price!)

  • Thunderhead rain pants - not necessarily a requirement for Philmont but useful if it's a very rainy period when we get there. If you don't mind the spend suggest you buy a pair and take it to Philmont and decide at base camp whether to take on the trail. These can serve as your one set of long pants (that is required for certain activities).

  • Running gloves - a good choice for cold mornings and even prolonged rain; lightweight and wicking



  • Precip Jacket (stretch)

  • Precip Tall

  • All full price RAIN JACKETS on sale for 25% off with code SALE25 (through June 1st at 7AM Eastern)

  • Also, everything in the store is 25% off at the Marmot store in the King of Prussia mall (in case you're looking for a field trip during the rainy weekend)