Gear for Sale

Gear for Sale:

The following are discontinued but brand new sleeping bags available for sale at a good price (we were going to sell these for the Philmont trip last Spring; they're still a good choice for Philmont!). Email the Scoutmaster if you're interested.

These are lightweight enough to use for summer backpacking! Despite the 30° rating, these bags are probably not warm enough to use on their own as a winter bag, but they'd be a terrific choice for a "double bag" (one sleeping bag inside the other) or a "bag & blanket" arrangement. You should also always have a plan for your "sleeping system", basically, how you will insulate the space between your bag and the tent floor (one or more sleeping pads, blankets, emergency blanket, or all of the above). Both of these brands stand behind their products with a very strong customer satisfaction pledge.

  • Klymit Self-Inflate V Inflatable Sleeping Pad. Amazon listing HERE. I have about 10 of these for $20 each (vs $33 + tax on Amazon). Great for a Scout's first sleeping pad (a little bulky and heavy for long-distance backpacking, though).