Trail to Eagle

TIMING: Your goal should be to complete everything up to item 13 no later than your 18th birthday, which means starting early. Troop 98 encourages you to complete all of this no later than the Summer after your Junior year of high school (or earlier, if you're older than your classmates).





    1. Review the requirements in the Boy Scout Handbook or HERE.

    2. Request your Troopmaster individual advancement report printout from the Advancement Coordinator or Advancement Scribe.

    • Have you completed the Eagle required Merit badges?

    • Have you completed the leadership requirements? Does the Scoutmaster agree?

    1. Come up with an Eagle Scout Service Project:

      • What organization could I help?

      • Can I demonstrate leadership?

      • Search the web for ideas such as:

        • Local community groups

        • Religious organizations

        • Government organizations (Township, Park and Rec, Library)

        • Schools

    1. Review your project idea with a Troop 98 Eagle Scout Coordinator (Mr. E.).

    2. Visit the organization. Discuss and outline the details of the possible project. Send your organization rep a copy of THIS DOCUMENT and ask them to review the contents.

    3. Once the organization and Troop 98 agree on the Project, complete pages 8 to 15 (Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal) of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. SAVE THIS FILE TO YOUR LOCAL DRIVE THEN OPEN WITH ADOBE. Do NOT try to open it from a browser.

    4. Obtain approvals and signatures from the Scoutmaster, Committee Chairperson, and the organization.

    5. Present your Project Workbook to a District level representative and obtain a signature. Find the representatives HERE (scroll down to District Contacts for Eagle Project Reviews and Boards of Review" and click on Baden-Powell District link).

    6. You are ready to schedule the project on the Troop 98 calendar; coordinate this

    7. well-ahead of time with the SPL and Scoutmaster. Consider how you're going to promote your project and gather sign-ups (see bottom of this page for more details on this).

    8. Complete your project and demonstrate leadership skills. Take pictures (before and after, plus workers doing work and you showing leadership!).

    9. Complete the rest of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. Have the Scoutmaster and receiving organization sign indicating approval.

      • Include a reasonable amount of photos with captions. A good rule of thumb is a few before, many during, and several after (maybe 20 total?). It's best for you to build your photo deck in a separate file (not the Workbook), then save it as a PDF and attach it separately.

      • Include your project sign-up sheet and webpage, if you had one

      • Include thank you notes; ideas:

        • The organization that enabled you to do your project

        • the troop leaders or any other adults who coached you

        • the volunteers who showed up to help, on any day

        • your sibling(s), who may have helped before, during and after. Typically, a sibling is at an Eagle project longer than any youth other than the Eagle himself.

        • your parents, for undoubtedly supporting you throughout your Scouting career (and, at a minimum, for paying for the food on the project day).

  1. Download the Eagle Scout Rank Application Eagle Scout Rank Application.

  2. SAVE THIS FILE TO YOUR LOCAL DRIVE THEN OPEN WITH ADOBE. Do NOT try to open it from a browser.

      • Obtain instructions from your Troop 98 Eagle Scout Coordinator on how to request recommendations from the individuals listed in Requirement 2 of the Eagle Scout Rank Application.

      • The letter we're sending as of August 2020 is HERE.

      • Recommendations take time! Start early!

    • If you don't have a reference in the Religious category you may be required to write a statement of religious belief. Please discuss this with a Troop 98 Eagle Scout Coordinator.

    • You should never have recommendations delivered to you, whether electronically or by mail/hand-delivery.

  1. Complete the Eagle Scout Rank Application.

    • Obtain dates for your ranks and merit badges from Scoutbook or ask your Troop 98 Eagle Scout Coordinator.

    • If you don't have an accurate record of your leadership service, come up with your best estimate and discuss any concerns with your Troop 98 Eagle Scout Coordinator or your Scoutmaster.

    • In the section on page 2 titled "Certification by Applicant", pay careful attention to this requirement:

    • "...prepare and attach to your Eagle Scout Rank Application a statement of your ambitions and life purpose and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community, or other organizations, during which you demonstrated leadership skills. Include honors and awards received during this service."

    • It's best to have this written prior to your Scoutmaster Conference for Eagle (which must be completed prior to your 18th birthday).

  1. Make and keep your own copies of the following completed documents:

      • Eagle Scout Rank Application

      • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

  2. July 2020/Covid Submittal Options

    1. Turn in your originals via one of the following methods:

      1. Mail your Eagle application and workbook to the COL office, Attention Amy Davidson-McCole, 1485 Valley Forge Rd, Wayne, PA 19087 (LOCATION)

      2. Scan every page of your application and workbook to (please cc: Scoutmaster and Eagle Coach)

    2. Drop your application and workbook off at the COL office on Valley Forge Road in Wayne. There is a drop off box on our loading dock.

    3. If approved by Council and National you will be contacted to schedule a Board of Review. Recommendation letters received by Troop 98 will be forwarded directly to your Board of Review members (without your involvement).

    4. Attend a Baden-Powell District Eagle Scout Board of Review (typically held on the last Wednesday of every month in Ambler, at the Borough Hall). Your Scoutmaster or an Assistant must be in attendance with you. Please coordinate this with one of them ahead of time.

    5. If passed, you are an Eagle Scout. You should now discuss with your Scoutmaster an appropriate time for an Eagle Scout Court of Honor (ECOH). You can find the list of ideas and tasks for Troop 98 ECOH HERE.

Possible Eagle Project recipient organizations:

Possible 2021 Eagle Projects Document

    • Montgomery County Parks Department - Volunteer Opportunities link partway down the page. Also, other county parks (like Chester and Bucks County) and State Parks (like Fort Washington State Park or Evansburg State Park)

    • Veterans organizations (especially ones with buildings that may need work), like the American Legion (Post 10 - see Mr. Truitt), and the VFW

    • Whitpain Township Parks & Recreation - WEBSITE

    • Wissahickon Watershed Association -

    • Friends of the Wissahickon -

    • Natural Lands Trust (Mr. Trejo is a member, maybe others) -

    • Volunteer Opportunities throughout greater Montgomery County - RSVPMC

    • Set up a Permanent Orienteering Course - DVOA

    • Angel Flight East (at Wings Field) - WEBSITE

    • Whitpain Historical Society - WEBSITE

    • Wissahickon Valley Public Library - WEBSITE

    • Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum - WEBSITE

    • 1155 Easton Road, Horsham, PA 19044 • 215.672.2277

    • Calvin Martin, Asst. Museum Manager • email

    • Churches, especially St. Johns and St. Dunstan's

    • Schools, especially church-based preschools

    • School PTAs/PTOs

    • Hosts for Hospitals •

    • Philadelphia volunteer service • LINK

    • Make hygiene kits to be distributed at the Philly Library • LINK

    • Youth sports organizations for disadvantaged kids, like:

      • Pitch in for Baseball - LINK

      • Lighthouse (where the Philly Encampment is held)

      • (see Mr. Trejo for contact info for Lighthouse)

Once you're an Eagle Scout, you can apply for various scholarships. Take a look at some of them HERE.

Other Eagle Scout resources:

From the Scoutmaster:

When you're setting up a web page for your project and an RSVP form:

    1. Make sure link from home page works to get to your Project page.

    2. Make sure your PAGE is accurate.

    3. Try the SIGN UP LINK (fill out a few different versions of the form). Make sure everything works. Get permission to view the RSVP spreadsheet and sign yourself up for email notifications.

If all of this is fine, then send out an email to the troop and include the links above. I strongly suggest you include an (appropriate) picture. Scrape one from our picture albums. If you want me to edit/proof your email before you send it then send it to me first. Strongly suggest you do this.

When you're ready to email, send it to the troop distribution list (get it from a Scoutmaster). Only use this address on the BCC: line of your email program. This prevents massive spam when people hit REPLY ALL.