SPL Job Description



The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and his assistants run the troop’s whole program. The Troop is willing to give these scouts as much respon­sibility as they are willing to accept. The SPL's objective is to ensure that our troop meetings and activities are fun, safe, and consistent with Scouting’s ideals. He should do this while encouraging participation and promoting scout spirit.


Because of the importance of this job, the SPL is expected to attend nearly 100% of troop meetings and activi­ties. He must be interested in the Scouting program, and the well being of all the scouts in the troop.

Patrol Leaders (PL), Troop Guides, and Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL) come under the SPL. The SPL is the key to communica­tions within the troop. He coordinates the troop by running Patrol Leader's council meetings, communicating with the patrol leaders and the troop, and organizing the program for camping trips.

During the week, the SPL devotes time to his job. He keeps in touch with the Scoutmaster and Patrol Leaders to make sure things are getting communicated and accomplished. He plans ahead for troop meetings, courts of honor, and activities.

The SPL runs the troop meetings, plans the games, knows what advancement classes are being run, and helps out wherever he is needed. He actively participates in the preparation and execution of our Courts of Honor.

On camping trips, he holds a leadership corps meeting to plan the weekend, and then carries out that plan. As the Senior Patrol Leader develops and demonstrates his leadership abilities, the less the adult leaders will do.

The SPL plays a key role in summer camp. He and the ASPLs are responsible for everything going on in the campsite. The SPL, with help from the PLs, helps coordinate participation in camp‑wide activities and troop activities; attends junior leader's meetings, and helps ensure the smooth operation for the week.

The Senior Patrol Leader must work closely with the ASPLs, Scoutmaster and other leaders. He should expect to be on the phone with the Scoutmaster at least once a week.

The SPL does not do this alone; he is a leader of leaders and through his work with others he and the troop can accomplish many things.


1. Have served at least one term as Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, or ASPL

2. Be at a minimum a Star rank, Life or Eagle preferred.

3. Be willing to put the troop ahead of yourself

4. Exhibit a spirit of cooperation with the adult leaders

5. Have a 75% attendance record at both meetings and activities.


1. I will work hard to attend all troop meetings and activities, and strive not to miss more than 3 meetings and 1 major activity during each 6 month term as SPL.

2. If I am forced to miss a meeting or activity, I will arrange to have one of the ASPLs fill in for me and will make sure that he has everything he needs to do a good job.

3. I understand how important the SPL is at summer camp and will strive to attend.

4. I will devote time each week, in addition to time spent at troop functions, to my role as SPL.

5. I will carry out the duties described above.