Den Chief


  • Set a good example by having a positive attitude and behaving in a proper and respectful manner that reflects the Scout Law and the Scout Oath.

  • Treat each boy with respect, sensitivity, and fairness.

  • Know the purposes of Cub Scouting, and help the boys to achieve them.

  • Arrive on time and prepared to start.

  • Wear the BSA Boy Scout uniform completely and correctly. (His troop will present him with the Den Chief Badge and “Trained” patch that he is to wear).

  • Know and understand the monthly BSA Core Value.

  • Be an “Activity Assistant” for the den: Lead and/or assist with the specific activities the den leader requested the den chief to prepare for.

  • Assist with set-up, song/skit/ceremony rehearsal and any pre-assigned den activities at the monthly pack meetings.

  • Participate in consistent communication with the the den leader so the den chief’s responsibilities for the den and pack meetings are clearly understood, prepared and organized.

  • Recognize and work with the denner as his right-hand man by giving the denner opportunities to serve.

  • Encourage Cub Scouts to become Webelos.

  • Encourage Webelos to become Boy Scouts.

The Den Chief is appointed by the Scoutmaster. Troops can have multiple Den Chiefs.