The Assistant Patrol Leader’s / QM’s objective is to provide assistance to the Patrol Leader to make it easier for him to do his job and to make certain that the patrol has all the necessary equipment for its activities, and that the equipment is properly used, properly maintained, and doesn’t get lost.


Helps the Patrol Leader at all times. Assists with patrol communications. Helps the Patrol Leader keep order and complete assignments during patrol meetings. Has active participation in campsite setup and tear down on camping trips. Oversees meal preparation for some of the meals on camping trips. Responsible for the patrol’s equipment and makes sure nothing gets lost or damaged. If equipment is damaged he tries to get it repaired. When new equipment is needed, he reports it to the troop Quartermaster. He makes sure his patrol box, and other patrol gear is all there and in shape to use when needed. On camping trips, watchs what's going on in your area to make sure equipment isn't being abused or misused. Make sure things are put away when not in use, and properly cleaned and packed at the end of the weekend. The troop Quartermaster will plan QM work activities to inspect and maintain the equipment. You are expected to attend and help with these activities. Sets the right kind of example for other patrol members. This means good scout spirit, and lots of cooperation.


1. Be First Class or higher (except for 1st year patrols.)


1. I will try to attend all troop meetings and activities, and endeavor not to miss more than 4 meetings and 2 activities during my 6 mo’s as APL.

2. I will devote time at home every week in addition to time spent at troop functions, to my role as APL / QM.

3. I will participate in the scheduled Quartermaster work activities

4. I will carry out the duties described above