Order of the Arrow

The OA - Order of the Arrow is an honor society within Scouting that recognizes Boy Scouts who show a strong desire to give service to their fellow Scouts, family and community. These guys are selected because they are the ones who:

  • help without being asked

  • make sure that others 'have' first

  • willingly lead a group without thought of rewards or praise

  • demonstrate unquestionable Scout Spirit

  • demonstrate a fondness for the outdoors

Scouts are voted in by their troop in a confidential election. You should vote for a Scout based only on his character of routinely giving cheerful service to any worth cause. There are limits on how many Scouts may be elected into OA each year.

Troop 98 will be electing Scouts into the Order of the Arrow in April 2010. We currently have no active Scouts in OA (although a few of our adult leaders are members).

OA members wear one of the following three sashes (depending on their seniority and service within the OA). From the left, sashes for Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil members.

What happens in the OA? Members get together to do service projects at camps (getting them ready for Summer Camp) and sometimes in the community. They have meetings with activities geared towards older, more experienced Scouts. There is also a great OA program out at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. The OA also has a fondness for Native American names, ideas, customs and themes. They sometimes do really cool ceremonies with flaming arrows, costumes and huge bonfires.

The Order of the Arrow was founded at Treasure Island Scout Reservation in 1915. That's why our OA "Lodge" (group) is called Unami One. Here is our lodge webpage: UNAMI ONE

Our OA Chapter (part of the Unami Lodge) is interested in getting some new members who might contribute to the mission of the OA. Particularly after all the work we did on the Fall Camporee, I'm sure there are some Scouts in Troop 98 that can help!