1. Troop 98 is now using to track advancement.


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  • How do I invite my Merit Badge Counselor to my Merit Badge?


  • Your parents may have to invite them.

    1. Parents and scouts have the ability to check off achievement items in Scoutbook. These will appear with a green checkmark.

    2. Leaders must approve the achievements. This must be done by a scoutmaster before these awards are officially recognized. Approved items appear with a blue checkmark.

    3. For merit badges, go to your patrol ASM for approval to start badge. The ASM will provide guidance on the badge and help identify a merit badge counselor. If approved, the ASM will add the badge in Scoutbook, mark the “Initial Unit Leader Signature” field, and invite the counselor. The counselor can now edit your steps and approve when the badge is finished.

    4. Going forward that we will not mark badge completions approved without the initial leader signature filled out. It is important that yout patrol ASMs know what you are working on.

    5. HELP: or send an email to Mr. Whitaker here.

    1. PARENTS: Read the below email message from ASM Whitaker about Scoutbook and follow the instructions.

    2. Troop 98 is now using Scoutbook to track advancement”

    3. sent 6/14/2020

    4. Accept the invite with my smiling face shown here.

    5. Your Scout can’t do anything in Scoutbook until you permission him to do so. Follow instructions provided in #2 email above.