Rank Requirements

BOARDS OF REVIEW for Rank Advancement are held on the SECOND FRIDAY of each month (unless we're not meeting that day, in which case we'll have Boards on the THIRD FRIDAY). You can check the CALENDAR to see when they're scheduled in a particular month.

You should sign up for a Board of Review after you complete your Scoutmaster Conference. To request a Scoutmaster Conference or a Board of Review, use the "SM Conference and Board of Review" link on the sidebar/pulldown menu of this site.

VIRTUAL RANKS - If you are having difficulty completing some of these requirements due to Covid-19 restrictions, take a look at the suggested alternate ways of completing them HERE.

Boy Scouts calls these the Early Ranks. When you look at your Scout Handbook you'll see that most of the requirements are activity-based, meaning you have to learn then show or demonstrate that you can do them (like tying knots or giving first aid), or that you've actually taken part in them (like setting up a tent and camping overnight). You can click on each of the rank names above to see the requirements.

Boy Scouts has produced some very good short videos for every one of the requirements for these ranks. You can check them out by clicking here: RANK VIDEOS

Keep track of all the requirements you've completed by making a check mark in your Scout Handbook, then get the requirement signed off by a Troop Guide, Senior Scout, or Scout Leader.

For a convenient list of what pages in the Scout Handbook match up with all the Early Rank requirements, CLICK HERE.

To let Troop 98 know what requirements you're missing please complete this EARLY RANKS SURVEY.

Onward to Eagle Scout!

Later rank requirements: STAR LIFE EAGLE PALMS (Eagle Palm Process HERE)

The first four ranks you can earn as a Boy Scout are:



Second Class

First Class

Other award requirements: