Interpreter Strip

Do you know one or more languages in addition to English?

Scouts and adult leaders can be recognized with a BSA Interpreter Strip, which you wear above the right pocket of your Class A Scout uniform (above your name tag). You can wear up to three interpreter strips on your uniform (which is a lot, if you think about it!).

The purpose of the Interpreter Strip is to serve as an immediate, visual cue to others that a Scout is able to help others by performing as an interpreter when needed, not to recognize fluency. In this way, you can "help other people at all times" when you may encounter a foreign language speaker who needs help.

To earn this award you need to demonstrate you can do the following:

  1. Carry on a five-minute conversation in the language.

  2. Translate a two-minute speech or address.

  3. Write a letter in the language.*

  4. Translate 200 words from the written word.

*Does not apply for sign language.

Let one of your Scout leaders know you want to earn this award, and agree on who the person will be to test your knowledge (it can be any native speaker, instructor, even a parent).

When you are ready to get your Interpreter Strip please complete the form found HERE and turn it in to a Scoutmaster at a Troop Meeting.

And, no, the following languages are NOT eligible!

Here are the Troop 98 Scouts who have earned an interpreter strip:

  • Rui - Japanese

  • Davide - Italian

  • Jordan - Spanish

  • Michael - Mandarin

  • Calixte - French