2021 National Jamboree



Notes from Slide Show:

  1. The BSA National Jamboree is not like any other Scouting event. Every four years over forty thousand young people gather for an amazing ten-day event that includes activity parks, arena shows, military demonstrations, and interactive booths from dozens of scouting-friendly organizations. This presentation will give you some samples of the Jamboree experience. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information on how to register. Up next are a few still photos featuring some of the areas you won’t find in a traditional BSA summer camp. The Summit was built for today’s Scouts. Take a look!

  2. The BSA National Jamboree is held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in Glen Jean, West Virginia. The Summit is the permanent home of the Jamborees, and is used as a high adventure summer camp in the off years. It is also one of the venues of the Spartan Race. The Summit is located on 14,000 acres of land purchased by the BSA and designed specifically for camping and adventure in an ecologically sustainable environment. The property borders the New River Gorge National Park, so it’s in close proximity to one of the premier whitewater rivers in the USA.

  3. The layout of the camping area consists of plateaus of flat, manicured sections, properly leveled with drainage ditches. No rocks and twigs under your tent for these ten days! Each area has three sets of flush toilet/shower facilities. When troops arrive at their designated camping area they find these pods of equipment waiting for them. Each troop unpacks and sets up tents, canopies, stoves, eating and cooking tables, pots and pans, utensils, cots, and giant coolers. Subcamp tents are identifiable by their colors with leaders’ tents in white. Set up in orderly rows for easy access, each two-person tent is spacious enough for two cots, two large duffel bags, and day packs. These camps are your home base for eating, sleeping, and socializing alongside troops from your region of the country. The camping area is for registered participants or staff and is separated from the activity areas. Visitors are not allowed in the camps.

  4. The upcoming BSA National Jamboree will take place in July of 2021. Registration already opened at the end of December 2019. From now until early 2021 our Council will be forming nine Jamboree troops from Scouts recruited from every unit in the District. The three city districts will form one troop, there will be one troop for BSA girls. Spaces are limited, and if an overflow of Scouts sign up from one district they will be merged in wherever there are openings. Each troop will have 36 youth and 4 adults. Officially, the Jamboree begins on Wednesday, July 21st and lasts until the 30th . Some contingents, such as Cradle of Liberty, usually travel overnight the day before the Jamboree starts, arriving first thing in the morning to set up ahead of other contingents and get an early jump at the activity areas.

  5. By the opening day of the Jamboree, a Scout must be at least 12 years old; by the closing day, a Scout cannot have reached their 18th birthday. Scouts who are over this age limit should look into working on staff, there are about 10,000 positions available!! Staff members have a separate, lower, fee and must arrange their own transportation.

    1. You literally won’t be able to count all of the Scouts from the USA and many other nations! Every stadium arena show is packed with a sea of different colored t-shirts.! You should expect 40,000 youth and 10,000 staff at the shows. That’s not counting the visitors who come to the central exhibit area!

    2. The Summit’s AT&T Stadium is formed by a huge, grassy bowl looking down on a state-of-the-art professional stage and jumbotrons. The arena shows are one of the highlights of the Jamboree experience!


COST: ~$1800. $300 DEPOSIT DUE BY MAY 30, 2020

Payment schedule of $100 a month with the Final payment due by March 2021


    • You must have reached your 12th birthday by July 21, 2021 and be First Class rank & Above!

    • You cannot have reached your 18th birthday by July 31, 2021

    • If you are 13 now, this may be your last chance to attend as a scout since they are every 4 years.


In 2009, the BSA purchased 10,600 acres of property adjacent to West Virginia’s New River Gorge National River area in order to create the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve. The Summit is the new home of achievement, adventure, and innovation in Scouting.


Scouting’s flagship event is one-of-a-kind. It’s a gathering of approximately 45,000 Scouts, leaders, and staff that showcases everything that is great about the BSA and its members. Over the course of 10 summer days, once every four years, the Boy Scouts of America comes together. The result is the national Scout jamboree.

      1. To begin the application process, start at the National website. You can Google “2021 BSA National Jamboree” and it will lead to the main site at scouting.org.

    1. We’ve given you a lot to take in. The FAQ Sheet will go into more details about these topics so you can take one home and study the reasons to attend.

    1. Another professionally designed element is the BMX track. In addition to this you’ll find the Action Parks have, mountain biking, zip lines, canopy tours, challenge courses, climbing, shooting sports and more

    1. You will, of course, be provided with detailed packing lists for the Jamboree. You’ll get to simulate your Jamboree experience with a “shakedown” weekend at one of our Cradle of Liberty camps in order to get your Jamboree troop used to working as a team. Here are some of the essentials.

      1. Wait! Cell phone? Yes, unlike some Scouting venues, Scouts are not only permitted but encouraged to stay connected during the Jamboree. The entire activity and camping areas are blanketed with WiFi coverage courtesy of a major mobile carrier. In addition to maps, alerts, and ways to contact your leaders there are apps to help you navigate your time.

      2. Here’s an example of an app that lets you know the opening and closing times for areas. You can also look up wait times, receive weather or emergency alerts, take memorable photos, access QR codes for more information, and measure the distances you’ve walked. You’ll be walking everywhere on the Jamboree grounds; you might as well get credit for all that exercise. Don’t worry, most of the areas are fully wheelchair accessible and accommodations can be mode for other physical or sensory disabilities.

    1. The Jamboree has excitement day and night, subject to weather events. You’re surrounded by Scouts and Scouters who have all given up their time and treasure to attend. Even the volunteer staff, from Chaplains, to Doctors; from Maintenance to Food Service have all paid to attend. They believe in the Scouting Movement.

    1. Each Council, from Hawaii to right-next-door sets their own price package for the Jamboree experience. With our proximity (9 hour bus ride) our costs are a balance between comfort and convenience, while giving every participant the best gear possible for this event.

    2. This all-inclusive price takes care of about everything except your clothes, sleeping bag and toothbrush! The sooner your get signed up and start making installment payments, the less of a lump sum your family will have to pay to catch up. There are funds available to help Scouts in need, but those funds are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and only after the initial deposit has been paid.

    3. The second reason to register right away is the availability of financial aid for those who register the earliest. The deadline for applications is May 30th, 2020.


The 2021 National Scout Jamboree will take place July 21-30 at the Summit. Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts who want to attend can notify us of their interest by completing this form.

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