Zack S Eagle Project

Hey Troop 98,
 Zack S. here, and I need all of your help with my Eagle Project!! 

My Project will take place at the Audubon Society [WEBSITE] in Audubon, PA on SUNDAY December 11th with a start time of 8AM and an end time of 3PM. 

The project is trail restoration and trail clean up. There will be 4x6 redirection water bars placed in trenches with rebar and the trail will be re-graded. The trail will then be cleaned up of all limbs leaves and rocks. 

Be sure to bring gloves, spade shovels, flat shovels.

Breakfast will be doughnuts, OJ, and coffee, and lunch will be Pizza! 

I have attended MANY Eagle Scout projects over the years, and now I hope you can do the same thing for me:)!

The Audubon Society's address is 1201 Pawlings Road Audubon, PA 19403 United States

When: SUNDAY December 11th from 8AM to 4PM