Winter-Faux-Fest 2021

Bring any/all of the following in a DAY PACK with your name on it.
  1. MAKE SURE you bring a face mask (or two, or three) with your NAME written on them

  2. Bring a sturdy water bottle and PLEASE put your name on it. We cannot have anyone share water bottles or drinking utensils.

  3. You don't need to bring eating gear; we'll be using disposables.

  4. Dress warmly in MULTIPLE LAYERS:
    • BASE LAYER of synthetic material [like Dri-Fit] that wicks perspiration away from your body and keeps you dry
    • WARMTH LAYER of an outer shirt plus a fleece or light jacket or WOOL sweater to keep you warm
    • OUTER LAYER to protect you from wind and rain - this can also be a big puffy jacket, but only if you have the inner layers
      It's better to have many layers that equal one big puffy layer

  5. MAKE SURE you are wearing warm and snow-resistant BOOTS (it's snowy and can get muddy out back at St. John's!) and LOTS of extra socks and an extra pair of shoes.

  6. SEVERAL PAIRS of GLOVES and a WARM HAT (or even two; if you get cold wearing a wooly hat is a great solution).

  7. BRING A LAWN CHAIR or some sort of portable stool that you can sit on for meals or during downtime. This is essential for us to ensure you're physically distancing from other Scouts and people.

  8. Bring anything that will help you build a snow fort or snow sculpture (sand castle forms are helpful).

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Help us come up with an alternative to Winterfest!

Since we can't go to Winterfest the PLC decided to create an alternative series of events based in Whitpain Township. We'll call it Winter-Faux-Fest. We plan to:

Gather for the day at St. John's on Saturday 13 February. We'll have rank advancement (including some of the outdoor things that have been difficult to accomplish), plus patrol competitions and a visiting session with incoming First Years (5th graders).

If the weather isn't horrible we might also camp out into Sunday.

We're trying to think of all the things we can do this day that we might have done at Winterfest. So far we're thinking of the frozen fish toss, human sled race, ugly hat contest, and, if there's still snow, cross-country skiing and snow sculptures. Can you think of anything else? Let your patrol leader or the SPL know (email:

We'll start at 9AM and end at 3PM.

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Troop Guide Try-Outs

A Scout who is a Troop Guide has one of the most important jobs in the Troop.  He is tasked with teaching, mentoring, counseling our New Scouts and setting a great example for them.  He needs to know (or learn or re-learn) all of the basic Scout skills and is a champion of great Scouting, his new Scout patrol and the overall Troop.  The Troop Guide must be at least First Class rank and have a good attendance record (at both meetings and activities).
If you would like to be considered for a Troop Guide position, please come to this event and help out with some of the visiting 5th graders
  1. Read the Troop Guide job description here:  TROOP GUIDE
  2. Let us know you're interested on the sign up form.