Winter 2016 Merit Badges


Here is the merit badge schedule for the next few meetings. You can also open the spreadsheet HERE.

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  1. Before you sign up, please take a look at comments below from each of the counselors and make sure you meet the restrictions and do the pre-requisites.

  2. If you're not yet Star rank, we encourage you to take one or more of the non-Eagle badges. They'll be fun to do and you'll have a very high chance of completing them.

  3. It may be possible to complete more than one badge, but we encourage you to pick the one that's most important to you (or fun for you) and focus on completing it.

  4. You will complete blue cards for each of your badges at the first session of the badge.

  5. If we've totally messed up and not provided any good choices for you, please email me. We do our best but it's a big troop.

  6. There may be down time at these troop meetings for you to work on EARLY RANKS advancement, to complete other merit badges (like Snow Sports), or to have a Scoutmaster Conference.
Here are specific notes, restrictions, and pre-requisites for some of the merit badges:
  • Scholarship (Mr. Barsh): 
    • Anyone whose grades in school average a B (3.0/4.0) or better, or has improved from one marking period or semester to the next, is eligible. The sole prereqs are a 250 word essay and two forms, and we'll be done in one meeting!  Template for requirement #3 isHERE.
    • Field trip to the University of Hawaii (I think he's kidding).

  • Family Life (Mr. Elliott): 
    • Must be at least 16 years old.
    • First night will be group reviewing reqs and answering questions - after that individual meetings and reviews.
    • Scouts need to have MB books - bring one if you have it.  
    • Can be done over 3 to 4 meetings, but must complete work outside. Anyone that is interested in completing in a timely manner will!

  • Cooking (Mr. Bryant): 
    • Must be 1st Class and limited to first 12 Scouts who register
    • You must use the worksheet HERE (print one and bring it).

  • Music (Kevin Pfister and Eric Blumenthal - Troop 98 Eagle Scouts Class of 2007): 
    • Bring written evidence of your concert attendances or other "things you've done". A signed note works.
    • If possible, bring your instrument (and music, if you need to read it) to play your song for requirement #1. No grand pianos, please!

  • Dentistry (Mr. Brogan):
    • You'll have one meeting where you go to a dental office; it's cool!

  • Personal Fitness (Mr. Hart):
    • Must be 14 or older
    • Print out the worksheet HERE and bring it
    • Make appointments or bring evidence of them for requirement #1

  • Camping (Mr. Trejo and Pete Stobie):
    • You must have at least 15 nights of camping (so that you can complete the badge soon by having 20 total nights). You can only count one week of long-term camping (like Summer Camp or Philmont) toward the 20 night requirement (see HERE).

  • Reading (Mrs. Mudambi):
    • If you've already read a number of books for school, please bring a list of them for us to review.
    • Bring the completed order form and list of websites from requirement 3.
    • If you've completed the service time in requirement 4, please bring evidence of it (like a signed note from a parent).
    • It's possible to do this in one meeting, but we're scheduling two to be certain. Best if you can come to the first meeting.

See you at Scouts!