Winter 2015 Merit Badges

Surveying - Mr. Pieroni                Nuclear Science - Mr. Tomlinson                   Dentistry - Dr. Brogan and Dr. Parkinson
First Aid - Dr. Chinn                    Collections - Mr. Barsh                                   Chess - Mr. Kuklinski
Citizenship in the Nation/World - Mr. McCool                                                    Cooking - Mr. Bryant
Personal Management/Family Life - Mr. Elliott                                                   Personal Fitness - Mr. Hart
Snow Sports - Mr. Imredy

Check out the details below on what you should be working on for your respective merit badge.  Links to  WORKBOOKS   REQUIREMENTS

If the completion details for your merit badge are not listed below please come to the Troop Meeting and meet with your counselor.

Citizenship in the Nation

For this Badge, if you are working with me, I will provide the workbook and a copy of the documents necessary for Requirement 4, which we will review and cover during the class.  We will also complete Requirements 1, 5, and 7 during the class.  We will have to cover Requirements 2, 3, 6, and 8 individually, but will discuss what we expect in class.  I expect a cogent and detailed discussion of the news events, location visits and the speech, and the issue you write to the member of Congress must be federal, not local or state issues.  The remaining items are self explanatory. 

Citizenship in the World
For this Badge, if you are working with me, I will provide the workbook  We will cover all but Requirements 3 and 7 in class.  Again, although done individually, on Requirement 3 I expect a detailed discussion of the news events, foreign country, and the same with the two chosen items in Requirement 7.   

If you have questions: Mr. George McCool: or by cellular telephone at (610) 812-4126.


Do these requirements on your own:

4c, plus any two of the following: 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, 6e, or 7

At the meetings we will do: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
  • There is a meeting at Dr. Brogan's office in Skippack Friday March 13th.
  • You should complete all sections of the workbook and turn it at the meetings
If you have questions: 
Dr. Joe Brogan:
Dr. Graham Parkinson 646-0220

Snow Sports

On Friday 6 March we will go over the DIN settings for the Downhill option, and the waxed vs waxless skis for the Nordic option.


Most of the skis we used at Brule were waxless, so I will bring an example of each. 


I expect Scouts to review the requirements and be able to discuss the verbal ones.


Here is the list of merit badge seekers:


Nordic option:  Adam Pi, Gabe F, Sam B, Ryan Mc, Joe & Michael Br, David Im, Zach Ma, Andrei G, David Go, Alex Ha, Alex To


Alpine option:  Nick Mo, Jack Sa

If you have questions:

Mr. John Imredy


What requirements a Scout needs to do on his own:

1, 5e

What requirements a Scout will accomplish if he comes to every meeting: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 if he has jotted down some notes on each before the meeting (I recommend using the workbook).

5b and 5f requires bringing the collection in to a meeting or a sample of it.

The workbook is optional but it is an excellent way to collect one's thoughts before the meeting.

If you have questions: Mr. Greg Barsh




Hey Chess players:

         Each scout should be able to complete the badge if they do some prep work on their own, show up and participate.

·         I like to complete this badge as a group but I strongly suggest each scout fills out the worksheet and bring the completed sheet to session. This way they get exposure to the information before hand and then all we have to do in session is to review and briefly discuss.

·         I will provide pamphlets. You can complete this badge without the pamphlet if the scout is resourceful and utilizes the resource links provided at website.

·         Requirements are found at

·         Worksheets can be found at and downloaded from           

·         There are 6 requirements for this badge. In group forum we will discuss and answer any questions about #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Requirement 6a is an individual effort of playing 3 games and then discussing what went well and what went wrong.

·         A few chess sets are needed but not the precious heirloom sets. A couple of cheap sets will work just fine.

·         No field trips needed.

·         I will be recruiting a couple of other scouts to play and act as crash test dummies for requirement 3 and 6.


First meeting: Requirements 1, 2, 3, and 4 start 5


Second meeting: Requirements 5 and possible start 6a (playing 3 games, mini tournament)


Third meeting: Quick review of 1 thru 5 with emphasis on requirement 6a 

If you have questions:

Mr. Joe Kukliski

Fire Safety

The requirements for this badge can be found here: 

We will be completing the majority of these requirements at St. Johns.  The requirements that we will cover together at St. Johns are as follows:

We will complete requirement 11, a visit to your local firehouse at the Centre Square Fire Company in Blue Bell, PA.  Date TBA.

You must complete Requirement 12 on your own.  This requirement is as follows: "Choose a fire safety-related career that interests you and describe the level of education required and responsibilities of a person in that position.  Tell why this position interests you."

From Troy Bellettirie: Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can reach me through
Family Life

From Mr. Elliott:

  Read through entire Merit Badge Booklet (1 shared per 2 scouts) – Be COURTEOUS -- make sure your partner has a chance to use booklet before next troop meeting

Requirement 1 – To be completed at this week’s troop meeting

Requirement 2 - Complete on worksheet and discuss with family

Requirement 3 – Complete list of 5 or 6 household chores, start tracking them the Saturday after last troop meeting on the sheet distributed at troop meeting or contained in workbook

Requirement 4 – Identify Project and email Mr. Elliott for approval.  After project approval execute project and complete section in workbook

Requirement 5 – Identify Project and email Mr. Elliott for approval.  After project approval execute project and complete section in workbook

Requirement 6a – Preliminary discussion at Troop Meeting, read notes distributed at troop meeting,

Requirement 6b - follow notes and outline distributed at troop meeting – return outline with meeting participant initials at Feb 8th troop meeting

Requirements 7a & 7b - Review appropriate sections in Merit Badge booklet and complete sections in workbook

Scouts should bring complete workbook to Feb 8th Troop Meeting

Although not required it is requested that you complete the workbook by typing answers into workbook document not by hand writing answers.


If you have questions:
Mr. Elliott:

First Aid

I am looking forward to working with you on earning the First Aid merit badge.
There is a lot of material to cover, but I know that we can get it done if you attend all three of the Friday meetings in March that are targeting merit badges, and if you do some preparation before each of the meetings.
For NEXT Friday (March 7), I would you to start working on PART of requirement number 1.  I would like you to be prepared to discuss with me the first aid requirements for Tenderfoot and Second Class. 
Tenderfoot: Requirement 12a and 12b
Second Class: Requirement 7a, 7b, and 7c
    Requirement 7b asks for you to prepare a personal first aid kit for a hike
          You do NOT need to prepare a kit; for now we will just TALK about what goes
           into a kit
All of the information that you need for Tenderfoot and Second Class is in your Scout Handbook.
We are going to do the First Class material the following week.
There is a fair amount of reading for these requirements, so try not to leave it to the last minute.  You do not need to master the material, but I want each of you to be able to participate in a discussion about the topics.
For these requirements you do not need to fill out a worksheet, but if writing down a few notes would help you learn the material, that would be fine.
From Dr. Chinn: If you have any questions on the way, please feel free to call me on my cell (610-574-3475) or send me an email


Requirements to be done on your own: 2.a (1-6), 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 2f, 3a, 3b, 3c, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 7a, 7b, 7c, 7d, 8
First week we will review 1a, 1b and 1c

Second week we will cook, do knife handling, sanitation and 
backpacking stoves.

Third week we weill review the worksheets and menus.

From Mr. Bryant: If you have questions email me at