Winter 2013 Merit Badges

Check out the details below on what you should be working on for your respective merit badge.  Links to  WORKBOOKS   REQUIREMENTS

Citizenship in the Nation

From Mr. McCool:

Gentlemen:  For those of you working with me on Citizenship in the Nation, please recall that last time, we reviewed the requirements for Requirements 4,5, and 7, which we will quickly review again this Friday.  Please remember to bring your Requirement sheet and Merit Badge Workbook, as well as the National Archives copies of the Historical Documents I printed off for you. 

Additionally, you should be using the documents I gave you regarding the Members of Congress and the Senators and sending your correspondence to them (e-mail counts) on a current National issue of interest to you.  Please remember to print out a copy of the letter, e-mail, etc., and just as important, the response you received.  You should also be following a National isse on the television or print or internet media for five days in a row and be prepared to discuss those with me and/or the group.  If you are using print or internet media, print out a copy of the articles, and if watching television news, please keep a list of the days watched, the program and the content of the report. 


This week, we will also review Requirement 1, the rights, duties and obligations of an active American Citizen, and you should be prepared to discuss those.  In the future, on a more individual basis, we can work through Requirements 2 and 6.  Please remember that for Requirement 6, you have to choose a historical American Speech with my approval.   Don't start this one without discussing the speech with me first, and we will then discuss the speech in some detail. 

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday Night.  If you have any questions, e-mail me or call me (ask your PL or the SPL for my contact info if you don't have it).


From Mr. Tomlinson and Mr. Trejo:

To see what we've done and what you need to do in order to complete the merit badge, open THIS DOCUMENT.

Landscape Architecture

See Mr. Marrocco at the Troop Meeting or send him an email


From Mr. Kuklinski and Mr. Zamora:

Hey Chess players:

I am providing some information for you to read through and become familiar with for the next time we meet.  Remember, the official Boy Scout Merit Badge book is the best source for MB information. The troop does have a couple of books to lend out. At the next meeting I hope to complete the following requirements: 1B, 2A, 3C, 4A, 4B, 4C,  4E, and 4F. (if you have one and if you can, bring a chess set, no family heirlooms please).

The spreadsheet (LINKED HERE) has:

  • Links to sources where information can be found.  
  • The requirements needed to complete the badge. (the one with lines through them are completed)
  • A checklist with names and dates showing what has been completed
  • Areas marked in blue indicate what will be covered at the next meeting.
  • 6 C selected and marked in green. (tournament, hopefully at Camp Brule)

The document (LINKED HERE) has some repeat information from the spreadsheet but it also provides additional links, information  and resources for you to review.

The chess scorecard (LINKED HERE) is an example of what a scorecard is.

The WORKSHEET is useful when working on badges.

There is lots more information (including PowerPoint presentations) available on the website.
Family Life

From Mr. Elliott:

  Read through entire Merit Badge Booklet (1 shared per 2 scouts) – Be COURTEOUS -- make sure your partner has a chance to use booklet before next troop meeting

Requirement 1 – Completed at last week’s troop meeting

Requirement 2 - Complete on worksheet and discuss with family

Requirement 3 – Complete list of 5 or 6 household chores, start tracking them the Saturday after last troop meeting on the sheet distributed at troop meeting or contained in workbook

Requirement 4 – Identify Project and email Mr. Elliott for approval.  After project approval execute project and complete section in workbook

Requirement 5 – Identify Project and email Mr. Elliott for approval.  After project approval execute project and complete section in workbook

Requirement 6a – Preliminary discussion at Troop Meeting, read notes distributed at troop meeting,

Requirement 6b - follow notes and outline distributed at troop meeting – return outline with meeting participant initials at Feb 8th troop meeting

Requirements 7a & 7b - Review appropriate sections in Merit Badge booklet and complete sections in workbook

Scouts should bring complete workbook to Feb 8th Troop Meeting

Although not required it is requested that you complete the workbook by typing answers into workbook document not by hand writing answers.