Will E's Eagle Scout Project

Hi guys!  Can you help out at my Eagle Scout Service Project?

Where: St. John's Church

When: Saturday, October 19th from 9am to 3pm

What are we doing?: For my Eagle Scout project I will be restoring historic headstones at St. John's church. Many of the stones have sunken into the ground and have become crooked. We will start by carefully digging them out of the ground, cleaning them, and putting them back straight and clean.

What should I bring?: 
  • Shovels (especially Drain Spades, the long narrow shovels like the picture on the right)
  • levels, 

  • and wheelbarrows 

What should I wear?: Long pants/long sleeved shirt, work boots, and work gloves

I will be providing drinks throughout the day, but don't hesitate to bring your own water bottle!

Lunch will also be provided.

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