Virtual Operations Ideas & Resources

Seven Pillars of Virtual Scouting:  
Best of BSA content • Turn in-person → virtual • Youth leaders plan + deliver • Involve Scouts before, during and after • Personal connections • Skilled delivery • Strive for normalcy
Ideas for Early Ranks (AOL/Scout to 1st Class):
  • "Discussion" Breakouts:
    • Cooking menus, techniques, descriptions
      ASM Bill
    • Citizenship 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d
      ASM Rich
    • Camping explanations, Outdoor Code (use OEG)
      ASM Doc
    • Nature 10 plants, 10 animals
      ASM Tom

New Scout Orientation
  • Virtual New Scout Orientation - LINK
  • Mail (deliver) ahead neckerchief, shoulder tabs, Scout Handbook, and more

  • Play Four Facts as icebreaker

Service Projects
Ideas and Tips for Routine Meetings

  • Photo album slide shows (narrated?)
  • Videos of Scout skills or scout-related info
    • Scouting around the world
  • Virtual campfire (with assignments)
  • "Flip the meeting" - patrol (or Scout) assignment doing work outside the meeting and presenting during the meeting. Take turns watching others' work product.
  • Teach a skit, song, skill.
  • Refresh skills
  • Incorporate youth staff:
    • Outdoor Code opening by OEG
    • Opening by patrol leader; 12 points of Scout Law over 12 weeks LINK (scroll to "Single Point Focus")
  • Survey boys on what's going well; what they'd like to see/do. How can we make this more engaging/interesting? What have you seen that's cool/useful?
  • Present Tech policy and Cyber Chip pointers from time to time. Encourage Cyber completion.
  • Digital rank board and movement.
  • Virtual advancement tracker? What have Scouts accomplished while quarantined
  • How do we track attendance (Att. Scribe)?

  • Goofy Hat Contest (Patrol Points)
    • limited entries? sign up in advance.
    • How do we judge/vote? Poll?
    • Give us a 10 second intro; embellish (MC interview); play music?
  • Funniest video contest
    • send examples to Scouts 
    • ask them to sign up and send the link ahead of time  LINK [from EJ]
    • time limits; 1 minute max?
    • sign up ahead of time
  • "Guess where I am?"
  • Games:
    • Kahoot!
    • Gimkit
    • Zoom Polls
    • Jeopardy Games
    • Word search; work on them in breakout rooms; one patrol member uses Google doc (preassign link?) EXAMPLE
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt (in real time or get x minutes or days ahead of time)
Patrol breakouts
  • Hang out?
  • Give a specific task (short or long-term, or both)
  • Consider adult Moderators, particularly younger patrols
  • Move PLC to a separate night (Sunday)
  • Can there be 100% remote leadership positions (Aviv)? See Digital Concierge.
Virtual Meetings Tech and Tips
  • Turn off chat. If you must have it limit between whom and have a moderator.
  • Set full mute (no override) and waiting room
  • Digital concierge
    • Adult
    • Youth (leadership role: look up what other troops/districts are doing and how)
  • Enforce accurate names
  • Enforce netiquette

Virtual Meeting Platforms
  • Zoom • Training
  • Webex
  • 8x8
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger Rooms
  • GoToMeeting
  • Jitsi

Other Units' Stuff
  • Troop 542 Trivia #1 #2
    (4.27.20 • patrols breakout from main meeting, do trivia, return, repeat; scores via Google Docs and scorekeeper in main meeting)