Virtual Meeting 13 March 2020

Public Health Merit Badge

Hello Scouts, Parents and Friends of Troop 98.

Our Troop Meeting this Friday 13 February (Paraskevidekatriaphobia) will take place as a virtual meeting, via an online meet-up. We will send you instructions soon on how we'll do this (likely a Kahoot! or a Google Hangouts meet) but please Be Prepared to login to the meeting with a computer or smartphone by 7:30PM.

What we're doing on Friday:
We will postpone work on the merit badges and ranks you were working on and instead give you the opportunity to earn Public Health merit badge. We did this once before when we were confronted with a situation like the one we're in (a norovirus outbreak at Ockanickon in 2007, when camp was closed for several weeks and we made one of the coolest shirts we ever printed; click the photos for an enlargement). We will also discuss how to Be Prepared for the current evolving situation.


Why we're doing this:
  1. We think it's important to do our best to help increase social distancing, which means reducing the amount of non-essential contact people have with each other. We'll explain more about social distancing during our Virtual Meeting but you can read about it HERE and HERE (note: this second article contains details of deaths during the 1918 Spanish flu).
  2. We'd also like to reduce our potential burden on St. John's, which has a large number of parishioners who are older.
  3. We'd like to test out the ability to do a virtual meeting now in case we need to use it again for any reason: BE PREPARED.
  4. We think it will be good to spend some time discussing the current situation with coronavirus, how Scouts can do their best to Be Prepared, and to earn an interesting merit badge in the process.
What Scout families can do now:
Please continue to educate yourselves about what to do by referencing reliable sources of information. In the US you should always go to the CDC site HERE. Troop 98 leaders will reinforce these points in our meetings and in person. We encourage parents to do the same and treat the situation with seriousness but not alarm.

Future Troop 98 events:
As of now we are not modifying our schedule beyond this Friday. Next week's campout could be affected, but we could likely practice social distancing by switching the campout to a day hike, and doing it somewhere close by so we don't have Scouts together on a long car ride. We'll let you know as we move into next week. If you are currently working on a merit badge with the Troop you may continue doing "home work" per the instructions given by your counselor.