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Ghost Stories at Night...

Saturday 2 May at 9PM • RSVP

JOIN HERE • Password sent via email


Saturday 23 May at 9PM

  • Go to a dark place or turn down/turn off the lights.
  • Your camera and audio will be turned off.
  • Think about how you listen to a story at a campfire. There are few distractions which allows you to listen carefully, and process and think about the story. For this reason, we recommend you remove all distractions and don't multitask (so, close all other apps on a computer and put down your phone and just listen/watch).


Friday 17 April

Troop Meeting (Virtual)

Patrol Breakouts

April 2020
  • Captain of US Mercy hospital ship is an Eagle Scout LINK

January 2020
  • Pack 6 AOLs to visit meeting on Friday 7 Feb

July 2019
  • Sweden International Scouts
  • Jobs at Musser
  • Ockanickon sign ups and preps

  • Finance memo: if you've paid a Philmont 2020 deposit it's reflected; consider adding $100 charge for those going but not paid

27 May Memorial Day Service and Picnic
  • Arrive 1130 to help set up
  • Arrive 1230 to be ready for event
  • Bugler 
  • Wreath layers
  • Flag raising
  • Ceremony 1 to 2PM
  • Flag retirement after the ceremony (out back)
  • Separate project: paint/label US street mailbox for depositing used flags (Chris to help get AL logo sticker)
  • Chris Dooley - Post 10 • +1 215-778-3524 •  4veterans@gmail.com

15 May 2019
  • Return clean and DRY gear from campout
  • Troop Elections Friday • Llama service
  • Boards of Review 17th and 31st / Court of Honor 14 June
  • Sign up for Memorial Day
  • Sign up for Delaware Beach Campout
  • Who's going to Summer Camp
    • see Mr. Chang for Rodney advancement
    • health forms
  • REI sale

17 April 2019
  • Summer Camp early bird payments
  • Reminder about health forms
  • Welcome new FY's: joining forms and health forms
  • Rodney MB signups

26 Feb 2019
  • Wissahickon Service Project (Tai)
  • Merit Badge College
  • DVOA O-Meet (Bob)
  • Marc Zamora ESSP
  • Crossover P200
  • Crossover P408
  • NSO April
  • Eagle Scout Class of 2018
  • Deducting Scout Expenses for Volunteers
  • Troop 98 is IN THE NEWS: HERE
  • Someone to set up our virtual advancement presence and methodology.
    • Workflow/checklists for generic processes, then MB-specific instructions like Neil's for Personal Fitness.
    • Review of submittals for online completions to submitmeritbadge@bsa98.com [Example]
    • Fulfillment process: TMaster -> Scoutbook -> Immediate Recognition -> COH

  • Text messaging gateway. https://www.callfire.com/products  Nexmo

You should sign up to help out because:

  • It gets you service hours required for Tenderfoot #7b (1 hour), Second Class #8e (2 hours), First Class #9d (3 hours), Star #4 (6 hours), Life #4 (6 hours, 3 of which must be conservation-related).
    This project qualifies for the coveted conservation-related service hours required for Life rank!
  • You do good for the community, learn new skills, get ideas for how you might do your own Eagle Project, and get to hang out with the troop.
  • It's a great way to spend the day and it's kinda what Scouts do ("...to help other people at all times....").

Long Term
  • Meeting Place
    Roman Pronzcak - Whitpain Twp.
    Reformation Church of Blue Bell
    Blue Bell Camp (BB Senior Camp)
    Sal Paone Jr 215.542.1331 (DelRicci/Masucci)