The Stockville ROGAINE (Nov 2-4)

Senior Scouts (9th grade and up) and in very good physical shape:

Check out this opportunity to participate in Troop 98's first ever ROGAINE. What's a ROGAINE? It stands for 

Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance

Basically, this is a two-day complex orienteering course covering a minimum of 12 miles per day. Many of these take place very far away (the main reason we've never gone to one) but this year there's one taking place in Central Pennsylvania. It's called the Stockville and you can see some additional details HERE.

When: Saturday 3 November to Sunday 4 November (we'll have to travel up to the starting point on Friday the 2nd; it's near Camp Brulé)

Who: Teams of 2, 3, or 4 people

Cost: $85 per person

You will need to think carefully about who's on your team, what gear you should wear and bring, and lots of other logistical items. You should immediately:
  • Get in top physical shape (or do things to stay in shape)

  • Practice navigation skills by going to Orienteering meets (like the one on September 30 and any others, like the ones HERE).

  • Come to an information session at the Troop Meeting on Friday 5 October. The course designer, Brent Freedland, will be at the meeting to explain the event, answer questions, and give you advice on participating. Brent is part of a championship Adventure Racing team and will also have great stories to tell about his past events.

  • If you know you want to do this, please RSVP HERE.
Take a look at THIS writeup from someone who did a 48 hour ROGAINE for the first time.