Thanksgiving Backpacking 2016 - Nov 25 & 26


Depart:  Friday at 8AM from St. John's in Blue Bell.  We will have a shakedown (gear check) inside the church (downstairs) prior to leaving.  If you are not properly outfitted for the event we may not let you go so BE PREPARED and review the requirements below.

Return:  Saturday about 4PM.

Who can go:  

2nd year Scouts and up; 1st year Scouts with permission and gear-check.

Itinerary:  Hike about 8 miles of the A-T on Friday and about 7 more on Saturday.  We'll be on Section 3 of the A-T north of Allentown. "Cool spots" are Bake Oven Knob, Bear Rocks, and The Knife Edge.

We will assign crews and food purchasing once we know who's going (but no later than Tuesday evening, so please RSVP PROMPTLY).

What you need to bring:

  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag (or bags) with a warmth rating to 10 degrees.  If you don't have a ten degree bag, you can put one bag inside another, or bring a wool blanket (wool, not synthetic) to put inside or around or below your bag.  
  • Thermal underwear (long johns) to sleep in.
  • Rain gear (hooded rain jacket or poncho and rain hat).
  • A wool hat or a warm hat that can cover a lot of your face and your ears.  If it's not a long hat (like a balaclava) consider also bringing a scarf.
  • Wool or WARM synthetic (like Thinsulate) gloves that completely cover your hands and fingers (no poke-throughs).
  • You MUST have a sleeping pad.
  • Hiking boots with WARM socks (preferably liner socks on the inside, with heavy WOOL or synthetic hiking socks on the outside).  Bring at least two extra pairs of warm outer socks (these can be used on cold hands). 
  • Sufficient layers to keep you warm while hiking (base layer, preferably synthetic/moisture-wicking, long-sleeve shirt with buttons or zipper, wool or synthetic sweater, plus outer rain gear layer).
  • It will be no higher than the mid-30's up on the ridge during the day, and in the 20's at night.  We're not super worried about you being warm while you're backpacking; it's when you stop that you have to be super-prepared.

CLICK HERE TO RSVP - You will receive a confirmation email and permission slip by Wednesday morning.