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OSR : What to Bring and How to Pack

Download Packing List Here




          One (1) pair of long pants (preferably a lightweight fabric that isn’t cotton or denim – they don’t dry well)
          One (1) long-sleeved shirt (preferably a lightweight fabric that isn’t cotton or denim – they don’t dry well)

          T-shirts (including ones from previous summer camps, Philmont, Northern Tier if you have them)


          Socks (lots of them) for a week – you will use more of these than anything else!!

          Warm sweatshirt or fleece jacket

          Two (2) swim trunks

          Two (2) or more large towels

          Hiking boots

          Two (2) pairs shoes, one of which can get wet (water shoes if you have them)  – NO sandals, crocs, open-toed shoes

          Hat with a brim

          Rain jacket or poncho

          Sleeping bag or washable blanket/quilt

          Sheet for hot evenings

          Travel pillow

          Sleeping Pad (optional but makes sleeping on cots and bunks more comfortable)

          Sunscreen (NO Aerosols)

          LOTS of insect repellent (NO Aerosols)

          Toiletry kit with toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant

          Medications you take daily (see HEALTH/MEDS page)

          Day pack (to carry your stuff around to and from events and classes),

          Sturdy water bottle

          Flash light or Headlamp with extra set of batteries

          Pen or pencil and notebook

          Boy Scout handbook

          Pocket knife (you must have your Totin’ Chip to carry it around)

          Two (2) wire hangers (to keep your scout shirt neat)

          Rope for a clothesline (about 25 feet is good)

          Clothespins (labeled with your name in Sharpie)

          Scout Class A uniform: Scout shirt, Troop 98 neckerchief, slide, Scout shorts/pants.  If you don’t have Scout shorts, bring dark green, khaki, tan or brown shorts (cargo shorts are fine), but something other than athletic shorts or swim trunks for the few times when we have to look really good

          Troop 98 2017 Summer Camp T-shirt (Class B uniform) – This will be distributed to campers at camp

           Anyone taking Swimming merit badge (includes all First Year Scouts): long, baggy pants (jeans not recommended) and a long-sleeve shirt with buttons down the front - you will use these for clothes inflation in the pool

          any items required for the merit badges you want to do (check the program list here: PROGRAM)

          a folding camp chair

         OPTIONAL: camera (mandatory if doing Photography merit badge),

          OPTIONAL: playing cards or other board games (but none that make electronic noise),

          OPTIONAL: fishing equipment (mandatory if doing Fishing merit badge)

          OPTIONAL: battery-powered lantern

          OPTIONAL: compass (needed for Orienteering Merit Badge)

          OPTIONAL: Bike helmet if you want to do mountain biking


Use large Ziploc bags labeled with your name to subdivide your things, especially clean clothes (this keeps them clean). 

Pack everything in a duffel bag or footlocker – it fits under your cot and will keep things dry. 


Plastic tubs work well, too, as long as they’re not too tall (about 12 to 14 inches or so in height) like the Rubbermaid Roughneck Medium Storage Box - 14 gal  23.9" x 15.9" x 12.2" – the lid doesn’t lock shut so you may want to wrap with duct tape for transport



·              electronics (MP3 players, video game players, radios, walkie-talkies,          

            cell phones – anything that makes noise with or without headphones)

·              fireworks, prank supplies

·              sheath knives, hatchets

·              anything illegal



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Jun 4, 2015, 12:40 PM