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Money and Fees

Troop Summer Camp Activity Fee
We always do a lot of extra things at Summer Camp - 
an annual commemorative T-shirt, the bottomless keg of birch beer, , pizza night, watermelon, river rafting and more.  We need to charge each Scout an activity fee of $50 to cover these costs.

Camp Pictures
We'll have a picture of our entire troop taken upon arrival.  You may buy an 8x10 paper-framed copy of this for $5.   Let us know if you want to buy Ockanickon's picture.

How much money should you send with your Scout?

Consider fees for things like the scuba programs, shotgun shells, handicraft merit badge supplies, etc., then add trading post spending money ($30 to $60 has seemed about right in the past for the trading post). 
We will keep a camp bank where Scouts can see DAD (Deposit and Draw) once or twice a day to get their money.  Small bills are really helpful ($5's and even $1's).