Teddy N's Eagle Project

Hello all!

My Eagle Project takes place on Wednesday the 15th, July. I understand this is very short notice for an Eagle Project, but you can do almost all of it from home!

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If you are volunteering, please fill out the Google Sheets above with the tools you own.

Project Details:

My Eagle Scout Project consists of constructing homemade Spotted Lanternfly Traps for placement within various Whitpain Township Parks

Spotted Lantern Fly Circle Traps

        The Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) is an invasive species native to China, India, and Vietnam. It was discovered first in Berks County PA, and has since spread across Southeast Pennsylvania. This fly feeds on sap from many different plant species, weakening and potentially killing the plant. In addition to killing various plants around Whitpain Township Parks, the Spotted Lanternfly can be a nuisance to those walking in the parks. As the SLF feeds it excretes a honeydew substance. This attracts bees and wasps, as well as increasing mold growth on the plant and anything, such as cars, below the plant. The goal of my project is to curb the population of these 

insects in Whitpain Township Parks by trapping and killing them with the constructed circle traps. 

        In order to maintain social distancing, the materials will be delivered to you at your home and we will all construct them at the same time via Zoom from our houses, as I help you all with the assembly. In addition, each volunteer who constructs a trap will travel to Wentz Run Park (address listed above) and install the trap on a 

pre-designated and marked tree. You are responsible for your own transportation. The installation does not need to happen the same day as the assembly, install whenever convenient before Sunday the 19th.

  • Where: Wentz Run Park, Prophecy Creek Park, Center Square Park
  • Address1000 Anvil Lane Blue Bell PA 19422, 205 W Skippack Pike Ambler PA 19002, 1527 Yost Road Blue Bell PA 19422
  • When:1 PM- 1:30 PM Wednesday 15th

I hope to see everyone there! 

- Teddy Nagle