St. John's Reenactors Oct 2019

This is a fun community and family event but it's also a Service Project to support St. John's, which sponsors Troop 98

Saturday October 12th
  • Scout service hours available from 8AM to 4PM
  • Event is open to the public from 10AM to 3PM

Revolutionary War Reenactment at St. John's

As part of St. John's 250th Anniversary celebrations, the church will honor its role in the Revolutionary War by hosting a group of Revolutionary War Reenactors, The Pennsylvania 6th Regiment. They will be portraying a period hospital tent and medical team, with medical tools and implements. They will talk about the kind of care that would have been being provided to the injured soldiers. They will also perform 2 musket shot demonstrations. There will be guided tours of the cemetery and colonial children’s games that were popular 250 years ago.  Food will be available for purchase.

What Troop 98 has been asked to do:

  • Prepare the grounds and help set up the display and cooking/eating areas.

  • Prepare and serve food (breakfast and lunch).

  • Participate in the flag ceremonies (at 11AM and 2PM).

  • Set up and staff a rope bridge.

  • Help with guided tours of the cemetery and anything else we can be helpful with!
You will earn service hours for this project. You can also check out the Reenactment and kids games. Invite your friends and family!

More photos and information about the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment HERE.

Did you know?

During the Revolutionary War, after the Battle of Germantown, on October 4th, 1777, General Washington’s forces retreated westbound on Skippack Pike.  St John served as a field hospital for wounded soldiers.  The soldiers that did not survive were buried in unmarked graves.  Later, 14 more revolutionary war soldiers were also buried here in marked graves.