Sea Base 2014

Sailing in the Bahamas!

We've got our flights!

  • Friday 1 August
    USAirways #1935
    550PM PHL-West Palm (PBI) 836PM

  • Stay overnight in West Palm Beach, FL

  • Saturday 2 August
    Bahamasair #282
    1235PM  PBI-Marsh Harbour 135PM

  • Sailing in the Bahamas all week!

  • Friday 8 August
    Bahamasair #281
    1035AM  Marsh Harbour-PBI 1135AM

    USAirways #2048
    200PM  PBI-Philadelphia 437PM

UPDATE - 20 June 2014

Please CLICK HERE to view the handout from the 20 June crew meeting.

UPDATE - 15 January 2014
  1. Second payments due for Philmont and Bahamas Sea Base.  $500 to "BSA Troop 98" by 31 January.  Bring to a meeting or mail to the Treasurer (address is in your email; search for "How to Pay Troop 98").  With this payment, you should have paid $1100 to date ($100 deposit in Spring 2013 and $500 1st payment in Fall 2013).

  2. You must have a valid US Passport to enter the Bahamas.  
    This takes a while to get so BE PREPARED and start now!  You can do this at most US Post Offices (the one in Blue Bell can take your pictures) or you can go to the State Department website HERE