Scout Sunday 2016

Scout Sunday!!!
Sunday, February 7th, 2016

 9:30 service - please arrive at 9AM

What is Scout Sunday?   It’s the day that marks the start of    Scouting. It’s held on the second Sunday in February every year. Scouts go to their place of worship and volunteer to help in the service.

You can come to St. John’s on February 23rd to help out as a greeter or reader at the 9:30 service (Scouts of any faith, or even no formal faith, are welcome).  Sign up HERE.

Here's what St. John's needs Scouts to do:

  • Ushers: 4
  • Greeters: 2
  • Souper Bowl Collection: 4
  • Readers: 2-3
  • Communion assistants: 4 adults
  • Cup Holders: 2
  • For Children's Time, I need 1 Scout who can work with Pastor Sarah for her children's message
  • Acolyte: 1 (this Scout will need to wear a white robe)


Contact your Church or Synagogue and volunteer to participate in a service!

Here are some things you can offer to do:

  • Be a greeter at the service (be in full uniform!)
  • Take up the collection
  • Read a lesson, psalm, or prayer
  • Lead a song
  • Assist with the social or coffee hour, if there is one

Scouts who participate in a Scout Sunday event will receive a cool patch like the one shown above!

Scout Pastoral Prayer:

Almighty God, creator of us all; grant us the patience to wait and listen to your voice. Help us not to seek the answers in the silence of prayer, but rather let your thoughts, God, travel to us and through us as we dare to ascend your mountain of law, your holy hill of truth.

O God, how thankful we are that you have come into our lives through the Holy Spirit. You know, Lord, that we're not perfect, that we want to improve. Show us where we can.

We pray today for God's children—all the children of the world. May they find peace and love in their families and schools and learn the love of Jesus Christ for each and every one of them through our lives as we interact with them on a daily basis. We also pray for our young people, who are seeking a cause which is worthy of their life's commitment and a leader who is deserving of their devotion. We know that our youth must deal with a host of options. So, we pray that they may choose Jesus Christ.

We pray you will be with our Scouts as they continue to follow the Scout law and work toward being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

More Scout Sunday resources can be found HERE.