Ryan C's Eagle Project

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Hi Fellow Scouts,

It's ASPL Ryan here.  I am having my Eagle Scout Service Project on Saturday, August 26th and it benefits The Montessori School in Dresher, PA.

The Montessori School emphasizes environmental education as well as the imagination and creativity of its students. During my project, we will be helping to renovate the nature play area that the boys and girls use during the school day.  We will be installing 3 brand new sandboxes and filling each with sand.  We will also be constructing a barrier around an existing log play structure area. This barrier will help to keep the rain from washing away the digging area that the boys and girls use.  Once the barrier has been constructed we will backfill the area with digging materials.

The project will be fun especially with the music and 5-star rated food! Pizza Hut, wings, breadsticks, sodas and lots of bagels and donuts in the morning.  

Below is the address for the project site and the projected hours.

Address: 1701 Jarrettown Rd, Dresher, PA 19025 [MAP]

Hours: 9AM-2PM

I would really appreciate it if you could come and help me out (even if for only an hour or two).  

FUTURE EAGLE SCOUTS: There is a lot of potential for additional Eagle projects at this location (i.e. ideas that I could not get to) and the beneficiary has indicated that Troop 98 is more than welcome to come back. So if you need an idea for a project, come on out and I’ll tell you about a few of those ideas.  

I hope to see you all there!