Reynold M's ESSP


Reynold M's Eagle Scout Project • Trail Improvements at FWSP

Hi guys! Please help me complete my Eagle Project by improving the trail system at Fort Washington State Park!

When: Saturday 24 October (9am to 3pm) – 2 hour slots

Where: Fort Washington State Park - Trail system (see directions below)


Hi everybody, I am asking for your help with my Eagle Scout Service Project on October 24! My project will be improving the trail system in the Low Density Area of Fort Washington State Park.  To achieve this, we will be blazing trees to indicate trail routes, installing signs, and doing any general clean up.  That means that most of the tasks will be pretty spread out, so you get to have a nature walk as an added bonus!

Where: Fort Washington State Park Hiking Trails. 

This is a map of the park.  Everyone can park in Lot #1 (circled in red) and the project will be taking place in the LDA section of the park circled in blue.

When: Saturday October 24th from 9am-3pm.

What:  We will be improving the trails at Fort Washington State Park which includes blazing trees to show trail routes, installing signs, and doing general cleanup.  Please wear work gloves for Co-Vid 19 safety and because we will be working hands on.  Additionally, wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on since painting is a part of my project.  Also, it can be buggy so you may want to wear long pants and bug spray.  If you have any, please bring branch cutters to clear any low hanging branches.


  • Everyone MUST wear a mask.  We will have extras in case you forget but please bring one.

  • Upon arrival, everyone must answer the Co-vid gating questions from the troop website.

  • We will have food and water but please bring a water bottle if you think you will need it.

Thanks for helping with my project! 

Here are examples of a bad blaze (trail marker) and a good blaze: