Plan B Instructions

Laundry bag, backpack, Colorado bag, and carry-on bag

  1. Put all your BACKPACKING STUFF inside your backpack. Be sure to leave your Nalgene bottles UNCAPPED. You should be able to leave your backpack untouched until you get to Philmont (meaning all your travel clothes are in your Colorado bag).

  2. Wrap the HIPSTRAP (hipbelt) backwards around the front of the pack and clasp it and tighten it. Clip and tighten all other straps (like sternum and shoulder straps).

  3. Put all of your travel clothes into your COLORADO BAG. Remember to include clothes for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (we don't start hiking until Tuesday), PLUS the trip home on Saturday 30 July. Include toiletries and a bathing suit, plus WARM CLOTHES and your RAINJACKET for our travel around Colorado.

  4. Using a Sharpie Marker, label your LAUNDRY BAG in a way that you can easily pick it out from the others in your crew.

  5. Attach your IDENTIFICATION TAG securely to your backpack and then put your backpack and Colorado bag into your Laundry Bag.

  6. Securely wrap and tie your laundry bag using its own string tie. A double clove hitch is a good finishing knot, and you can place Gorilla tape over the wraps for extra security. If you have a second ID TAG, attach it to the outside of the bag (tied into the strings).

  7. Prepare a CARRY-ON BAG for the airplane and van rides. Things to think about putting in this bag: important medicine, water bottle (empty), snacks, pillow, games, phone charger, book, sunglasses, camera, wallet. Things to NOT PUT in this bag: liquids, pocketknife/leatherman.