Philmont 2021


Check out more photos from our 2014 expedition here


Troop 98 is Going Back to Philmont in 2021!   

Change of Date: Our Expedition dates are July 10th to 25th (inclusive) 
July 3 to 18th, 2021 (inclusive)

Philmont 2021 Sign-Ups

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Read this January Update Document 

Age requirement: 
You must be 14 years old by July 13, 2021 (or 13 years old and have completed 8th grade). You must also be in good physical condition by the time you go.

Dates:  July 10 to 25, 2021 (definite)

7/10 SOUTHWEST #2929  1015A PHL-DEN 1225P

7/25 SOUTHWEST #1511  1735 DEN-PHL 2310

Cost: $2,200 (approximate; last time we went for less than $2000) plus cost to outfit yourself (your gear)

$850 First Payment required by January 15th, 2021
(if you already have made payments less than this please "top up" to reach this level by Jan 15th)

We're reasonably confident that we'll be able to go (and do so safely). However, if for any reason we cannot go we plan to carry out a backpacking trip on the East Coast of the US for the same time frame (assuming that can be done safely). We will begin to make plans for this alternate trip right away; we could also do this trip if there's not enough overall interest in going to Philmont.

We have a lot of "built up demand" for going to Philmont. Therefore, we will first take 9th graders and up and establish a wait list for 8th graders. We will instruct and prep waitlist Scouts as if they're going and arrive at a go/no-go decision by early 2021. We're also confident we can go to Philmont in 2022.

We've sent crews to Philmont in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 (in 2018 we substituted a trip to Colorado which we called "Plan B"; in 2020 we had to cancel everything). Many of the boys and parents who've attended describe it as “the experience of a lifetime.” At Philmont, crews spend 12 days backpacking in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. Along the way, they may pan for gold, ride burros, climb spar poles, throw hatchets, scale cliff faces or dance to banjo music in front of a fire. They also endure physical challenge, develop as a team, encounter great natural beauty and transform in two short weeks from boys to self-confident young men. It is truly a powerful experience.  See the links at the bottom of this page for more information or ask anyone who's gone before. We also have a lot of fun touring in New Mexico or Colorado on the way to Philmont and sometimes on the way back.

We have to begin planning our adventure now (we're actually a little behind schedule). The first step is to get a good idea of all who want to go. To be eligible, a Scout must be at least 14 years old by the time he arrives at Philmont (July 13, 2021) or be 13 and have completed 8th grade.  In addition, a Scout must have achieved the rank of First Class before leaving for Philmont. These are the minimum requirements.  

There are several more requirements that relate to physical condition and health, participation in Troop activities in general and our Philmont training program in particular. But at this point, we want to get a sense of which boys (and adults) want to go. We also need to be sure we have enough adult leaders to come along. Each crew (of up to 10 boys) needs a minimum of 2 adult advisors (one 21 or older and one 18 or older).

Some things you might want to consider in deciding whether you want to go (or to let your son go):

    • Cost – you should plan on $2,200 per person.  $850 First Payment required by January 15th, 2021

      (if you already have made payments less than this please "top up" to reach this level by Jan 15th). Additional payments in early March and then as soon as we buy airline tickets, probably April.

    • Equipment – in addition to the trip costs, you will need to have the right equipment.  Good boots ($100-150), a backpack ($100-150) and a sleeping bag ($100) are the big items, but there is probably another $100 of stuff you’ll need.  TROOP 98 PHILMONT GEAR PAGE

      PHILMONT IS EXPENSIVE, BUT DON'T LET COST STOP YOU!  If that is the only issue stopping you, we will try to find ways to help with the cost. Please contact the Scoutmaster if you'd like to discuss fundraising options.

    • Physical Condition –  READ THIS on Medical Conditions and READ THIS on Height/Weight requirements.

      All participants have to meet height/weight requirements and have a physical exam.  Unless a Scout has some special health issues, this is really a concern only for adults.  Philmont involves carrying a 40 pound pack up and down mountains at 8-10,000 feet of elevation.  It can be very tough and requires preparation.  So both scouts and adults who sign up must understand that they are signing up for months of physical training not just two weeks of backpacking.  Any adult in reasonable shape can get ready.  They just have to be willing to take the time to do the training.

    • Scout Spirit – a successful Philmont trek requires cooperation, maturity and a sense of shared responsibility.  It requires that a Scout truly live the principles of the Scout Law and Oath.  It requires that he be a dedicated member of the team.  We judge all this by what a Scout does before he gets on the airplane to Philmont.  
      So we don’t allow Scouts to get on that plane who are not active participants in our Troop or who fail to live up to the Scouting ideals from now until departure.
After you have considered these factors and asked our Philmont veterans any questions you may have, we need you to indicate your interest in participating.