1. You should bring a SECOND SET OF SPARE SHOES THAT YOU CAN USE FOR THE RAFTING TRIP. Water shoes are fine, or sneakers. We'll be going backpacking immediately after rafting so we don't want you to have to carry your wet shoes as your spare shoes for backpacking. Thus: bring your boots (wear on the plane), spare shoes for backpacking (sneakers, sturdy Tevas), and a pair of shoes for rafting (water shoes, strap sandals, sneakers; NOT FLIP FLOPS).

  2. It's a REALLY GOOD IDEA to bring a wristwatch.

  3. Bring some lightweight things to do with your crew (or alone) during evening downtime: playing cards, MadLibs book, small notebook and pen/pencil for a journal, frisbee, small/light board game.

  1. Q: What time do I need to be at the airport?
    A: You need to arrive curbside at the Southwest Airlines departure terminal no later than 7:45AM. You are responsible for your own ride. When you arrive please  GET WITH YOUR CREW AND KEEP ALL YOUR LAUNDRY BAGS TOGETHER FOR TAGGING/CHECKING.
    30 June: Southwest#5075  10:00AM PHL - DEN 12:05PM

  2. Q: I was wondering if we wash our clothes in between the two blocks of backpacking or if we need to pack a separate set of clothes in our Colorado bag and change out the clothes in our backpack.
    A: It will be easier if you bring a second set of backpacking clothes for the second session of backpacking. But the campground where we'll be staying for one night between sessions does have a laundry.

  3. Q: Do we need to bring rope or can we borrow it from the troop?
    A: It's always a good idea to carry a small amount of "personal" rope with you (15 feet, maybe; no more than 25). The crews will bring or buy rope for bear bags in Colorado.

WHAT WE'RE DOING (at a high level; more detail on 
  1. Saturday 30 June
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    Arrive Denver
    Drive to Colorado Springs
    Hike Garden of the Gods
    Tour US Olympic Training Center
    Have BBQ for dinner
    Stay at Hyatt Place hotel

  2. Sunday 1 July
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    Drive up Pike's Peak
    Tour Manitou Springs
    Eat lunch at The Loop
    Hike up the Manitou Incline
    Have pizza for dinner
    Stay at Hyatt Place hotel

  3. Monday 2 July
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    Drive to Cimarron
    Tour Philmont museums and base camp + Trading Post
    Tour Cimarron
    Eat dinner at The St. James Hotel
    Stay at the Cimarron Inn (hotel)

  4. Tuesday 3 July
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    Shotgun shooting at NRA Whittington Center
    Drive to Pueblo, Colorado and go food shopping
    Drive to Cañon City, Colorado and prepare for backpacking (final shakedown + last chance to buy last-minute items)

  5. Wednesday 4 July
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    Half-day whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River
    Begin backpacking Session 1 (~2 miles)

  6. Thursday 5 July to Monday 9 July
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    Backpacking Session 1 on the Colorado Trail
    (parts of segments CW05, 15, 14 and 13)
    Tent camping for 4 nights

  7. Monday 9 July
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    Soaking, swimming and water sliding at Mount Princeton Hot Springs
    Afternoon choice of: fishing, mountain biking, or rock climbing
    Tent camping at commercial campground (toilets, showers, laundry)
    Set up for backpacking Session 2

  8. Tuesday 10 July to Saturday 14 July
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    Backpacking Session 2 on the Colorado Trail
    (parts of segments 10 and 11)
    Tent camping for 4 nights

  9. Saturday 14 July
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    Exit trail and drive to Denver area
    Afternoon activities to be planned (hang out at hotel pool, movie, miniature golf)
    Prepare for travel home
    Hotel stay

  10. Sunday 15 July
    Be safe and smart and don't get hurt
    All day at Elitch Gardens amusement and water park
    Fly home at 6PM, arriving Philadelphia 11:50PM

  1. SCOUTS - Review/Do the following:
    1. Make sure you have completed the TENTING PLAN for your crew.

    2. Notes from last Friday (thank you, Mr. McWilliams!):

      • Take warmer clothing since we'll be at higher elevations than Philmont. A 20 degree bag (sleeping clothes inside, may want warmer ones than typical).
      • Put your clothes in a huge ziploc (try to buy 2.5 gallon ones "Jumbo"/Amazon).
      • We're only going out for 5 days at a time so you can reduce quantities of shirts (2 ok), underwear (2), socks (2 or 3), shorts (1 or 2). These numbers INCLUDE what you'll be wearing.
      • Some sort of long pants are required now, whether that's the zip-off legs or rain pants or hiking pants. NO JEANS. NO COTTON CLOTHES. Anything made of WOOL is great, unless it's super heavy.
      • You can bring a SECOND SET of backpacking clothes to swap out between hiking sessions 1 and 2 (keep these in their own bag).
      • Make sure you have several shirt layers (T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, fleece, outer jacket, rain jacket). More layers are better than one heavy jacket, but for this trip a lightweight down jacket would be good.
      • You really need to bring extra shoes. Lightweight sneaker or very good strap sandals (like Tevas); both should be grippy (good traction). You should be able to backpack in them if you can't use your boots for some reason.
      • You need a warm hat and some lightweight gloves (thin ski gloves are good; not cotton).
      • A belt is always a good idea.
      • Reduce the weight of your ditty bag. A small toothbrush, very little (or no) toothpaste (or share among the crew), NO DEODORANT, any medicine. We'll buy sunscreen and bug spray for each crew in Colorado.
      • If your backpack doesn't have one built in, bring a day pack or a sling bag for our ascent of Mount Elbert
      • Make sure you have a legit PACK COVER. If you don't, email Mr. Trejo.
      • Water bottles: you should be able to carry 4 or 5 liters of water (includes whatever your hydration bladder carries).
      • Bring a SWIM SUIT and two towels (not huge); put in your Colorado bag.
      • Things Scouts always forget: headlamp (put NEW batteries in backwards), eating gear (only need a spork and a bowl), hat/cap (for sunny weather)
      • WEAR YOUR BEST UNIFORM ON THE PLANE, including SCOUT PANTS or SHORTS (but no neckerchief). We will have a new nametag for you at Friday's meeting
        and you can get any patches you're missing.
      • On Friday we'll also give you your Plan B T-shirt and your LAUNDRY BAG and ADDRESS TAGS for packing.
      • You need your BACKPACK (close the hip-belt and cinch down all straps), a COLORADO BAG, and a CARRY ON.
      • HERE IS HOW YOU PACK everything

    3. When you are certain you have done all of this, GO HERE and take the following training:
      • Hazardous Weather Training (create a new ID for; use your BSA member ID found HERE; if it's not listed proceed without it)
        • Click on this:
        • Then click on COURSE CATALOG
        • Then search for HAZARDOUS WEATHER in the Search Bar
        • Then click on LAUNCH COURSE

      • Trek Safely
        • Do the same thing and search for and take TREK SAFELY

    PARENTS - Please complete the following waivers:
    1. WHITEWATER RAFTING (submit online)

    2. ROCK CLIMBING or MOUNTAIN BIKING (print and sign and bring on Friday [T367 bring to Colorado])

    3. Troop 98 Permission Slip - sent to you via email on 25 June (print and sign and bring on Friday [T367 bring to Colorado]

    4. PLEASE make a copy of your BSA HEALTH FORM and keep it. Please BRING THE ORIGINAL to Friday's meeting (if you already gave it to me, thanks). If you can, please also SCAN it and send it to me electronically.  [T367 bring to Colorado])
    When you have read and done all these things, please complete this READINESS FORM.