Philmont Plan B

2018 Philmont Plan B

To do's:
  1. Determine refundability of individual SWA tickets (Trejo)  YES
  2. Can we stay at Philmont base camp and do other things there. Can we buy food packages. Can we buy/borrow crew gear. (Trejo)  REQUESTED
  3. Reservations for lodging and activities at NRA Whittington (Trejo/Williams)  DONE
  4. Look at Philmont Crew Gear list and determine what we need to get, assuming we get nothing at Philmont. (Trejo to ask Nagles)  PENDING
  5. Order Colorado Trail Guide Book and large maps, 2 of each (Autieri)  DONE
  6. Ask for advice on trails and activities: REI, college outdoor clubs, local outfitters (Neil + Chris McCool asks his cousins for same)  PENDING
  7. Contact military facilities in and around Colorado Springs and Denver (or on west side of mountain range) to determine if we can stay there on Break/Exits (likely dates on calendar): Peterson Air Force, Fort Carson Army, Air National Guard, USAFA or USAFA Boy Scout Troop (Marcinkowski) PENDING
  8. Investigate other locations we can stay at reasonable cost: campgrounds, parks, churches, hostels, YMCA, Scout troops (Foor) PENDING
  9. Look into 1/2 day Cave of the Winds or other spelunking within 100 miles of Colorado Springs (Foor) PENDING
  10. Look into 1/2 day outdoor rock climbing AND high ropes/challenge courses within 100 miles of COS (McCool) PENDING
  11. Look into 1/2 day rafting opportunities in/near COS (McCool) PENDING
  12. Look into 1/2 day fishing opportunities within 100 miles of COS (Pieroni)  DONE
  13. Options to equip our crews with comms/emergency beacons/GPS (Lykens)  DONE
  14. Evaluate circuit trips that reasonably conform to proposed schedule on Colorado Trail (Lykens, Trejo, Pieroni)  WORKING
  15. Evaluate other trail systems that could conform, like Flat Top Wilderness (Trejo)  WORKING