Memorial Day Trip to Harriman State Park

  • See below for who's going and suggested division into two crews of 8, plus what people have signed up to bring. Three guests hikers/instructors: Andrew Willoughby and Keegan McLaughlin, both Philmont 2016 veterans, plus Andrew Johnson, Troop 98 Eagle Scout and ex-Philmont Ranger😀

  • If you own a backpacking tent, please bring it. If you don't have one, don't worry. We'll have plenty of tents to choose from at departure.

  • Seth Miller buying food for Green Crew and Ryan Cleary buying food for Blue Crew.
    • Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Monday breakfast

  • Bring your own snacks and trail mix. There is a severe peanut allergy Scout in Green Crew.

  • Eat dinner before you leave on Friday (and/or bring something non-messy to eat on the 2.5 hour drive up to Harriman State Park.

  • Make sure you look at the weather forecast (use West Point, NY) and BE PREPARED with the right clothing and gear - Use the Gear List in your Philmont GUIDEBOOK.
    You're going to need your best rain gear and all of it: rain jacket, rain pants (if you have them), rain hat, pack cover, extra socks

  • Bring your signed Troop 98 Permission Slip (which you'll get via email). 

  • Be at St. John's on Friday no later than 5PM.

Name(s)Adult / ScoutWeekend CrewPS CrewDriveNote
1Andrew JohnsonAA0
Instruct!football and frisbee, own tent
2Matthew MarcinkowskiSA1
3Ethan MooreSA1
4Aviv NevoSA1
5Seth MillerSA22P Tent
6Mike PieroniAA272P Tent, stove, own tent
7Ron MarcinkoskiAA26own tent
8Andrew WilloughbySA0Instruct!
1Ryan McLaughlinSB32P Tent, stove & fuel, water purif.
2Adam PieroniSB32P Tent, stove & fuel, water purif, bear bag
3Ryan ClearySB32P Tent, bear bag
4Bob TrejoAB33own tent
5Alex FoorSB4State College
6Nick RichardsonSB4State College2P Tent
7Jamey FoorAB4State College
8Keegan McLaughlinSB0Instruct!

If you didn't see them at the last troop meeting, proposed final crew membership is HERE.
Forecast link: