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PHILMONT COUNTDOWN #2 - June 12th 2014

WE NEED YOUR SHIRT SIZE NOW.  If you have not responded do so HERE.  The order gets locked down tomorrow (Friday 13 June) so this is the last chance for you to get the correct size and order extras.

CREW MEETINGS TOMORROW at the Troop Meeting, immediately following Troop Elections (7:30 at St. Johns). Crew Leaders: make sure the likely/possible tents you're taking to Philmont show up at this meeting so you can make a final decision on what you're taking. We'll also discuss other crew gear and crew assignments (Wilderness Pledge Guia, Chaplain Aide, Deputy Crew Leader, Scribe).

PARENT MEETING TOMORROW starting at 8:15.  What we'll cover:
  • Trip itinerary, hotels, meals, vans, schedule, uniform, behavior, using Pokemon
  • Stuff you'll need before Philmont
  • Play "Take This Not That" (stuff you'll need at Philmont)
  • How to Pack
  • Money
  • How to reach us
  • What you should be doing between now and June 29th
  • What not to bring
We need your final payment (for most of you that's $650).  Bring it to the Troop Meeting. Questions on payments? Email:

WHAT'S A POKÉMON?  A sticker you earn before (and possibly during) our Philmont trip by being smart and PREPARED. You become prepared by reading the Philmont Guidebook. You can use Pokémon on the trip for things like extra dessert, a choice seat in the van, being first in line, and more. You earn a Pokémon by answering questions, like this one:

What three things form the vertices of the "BEARMUDA" TRIANGLE First three correct answers win a Pokémon. 

Only two people answered the earlier question, so one Pokémon is still available if you answer that one. See COUNTDOWN #1 on the Philmont WEB PAGE. You can also see Pokémon standings on that page.

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