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PHILMONT COUNTDOWN #1 - June 9, 2014


Three weeks from TODAY you'll be on the summit of Pike's Peak at 14,115 feet (don't worry, we're driving up).  And two days after that we'll be at Philmont.  Here are some updates and things you should do.
  1. Crew 3 has a new member! Andrew Johnson, Eagle Scout and Philmont 2012 veteran, is joining the crew as a third advisor.  Andrew is an exceptional navigator, which will totally be required, and a pretty decent burro-handler, should that be needed, too.  There are now 28 people in our expedition (DETAILS).

  2. Please come to the Troop Meeting this Friday 13 June at 7:30 (all Scouts and Advisors from the beginning, and parents for a Q&A in the choir room downstairs at 8:15).  Immediately after Troop Elections we're going to split out and go over crew gear (tents, stoves, filters, compasses, first aid kits, etc.), individual gear (what might you be missing) how to prepare and pack before you leave (we'll hand out your big travel bag which all your gear goes into), and logistics (where and when to be on June 29th, how to reach us at Philmont, etc.).

  3. Please bring your Philmont medical form to this Friday's meeting (Scouts AND Adults).  Please keep a copy for yourself (you can use it for Summer Camp).  If you don't have one completed yet and signed by a doctor then please contact your doctor or find a walk-in clinic ASAP.  The blank form is HERE (only use the Philmont form and only use this version - earlier year versions won't be accepted).  Since Philmont will not let you hike without this completed form we won't let you get on the plane without having turned it in to us.

  4. We have finalized all major expenses and the trip will be exactly on budget at $1750, including everything except your personal spending (which we'll discuss on Friday).  Most of you will have paid $1100 by now, meaning you owe us $650 as your final payment.  Please bring a check made out to BSA Troop 98.  If you can't be there on Friday please mail your check to our Treasurer (email the Scoutmaster if you need the address).  Please write "Philmont 2014" on the memo line, along with the name(s) of who the payment is for.  If you're not sure how much you've paid send an email to

  5. We will travel in Class A Boy Scout uniform (but no neckerchiefs or sashes).  Please make sure that your uniform is in good shape (if you don't have Scout pants we suggest BSA microfiber zip-off PANTS or Centennial SHORTS).  Our website has details on where to get Scout stuff.  If you need green shoulder tabs, patches, name tag, or anything else please see the Stuff Sack at the Troop Meeting or complete the form found HERE.

  6. You should be wearing your boots as often as you can and you should be doing significant physical exercise at least every other day (consult the Philmont Guidebook page 7).  You should also make sure you've read the entire Philmont Guidebook, especially pages 7-20 and 26-40.

  7. The first 3 Scouts that correctly answer the following question from the Philmont Guidebook get one Pokémon each (which can be traded for things of value on the trip):

    What are the three activities at Philmont that long pants are required for?   Winners:  Christian L, Derrick K, and ___________________ 
See you on Friday!

Tooth of Time Ridge ("Tooth Ridge") as seen from Base Camp