Philmont 2012 Shirt Design

Hey, 2012 Philmont Scouts!  HELP US DESIGN THE 2012 PHILMONT EXPEDITION'S shirt!  

  • nothing offensive (or potentially offensive)
  • should be Scouting and/or Philmont related
  • most of the design/lettering on the back of the shirt; optional smaller design on the front
  • depending on your design we may select a regular cotton shirt (which we wouldn't take on the trail) or a wicking/performance shirt (which we would)
  • color selection for the shirt and printing is dependent on overall cost (wicking shirts cost more) but in no case should you use more than four colors for printing
You can sketch something and scan it then send it to  or you can go to CUSTOMINK.COM and create a design there.  When you're ready to enter it to be judged, send it to

CustomInk is a really cool site, and it will let you make unlimited numbers of test designs.  When your design is ready you can email it to Troop 98 from the CustomInk site.  Please submit no more than THREE FINAL designs for approval to the email address above (otherwise it gets ridiculously confusing).  Name the design using the first initial and your last name (plus a number, if you're submitting more than one), for instance WElliott1.

The winner of the design gets an extra shirt free, $20 to spend at the Philmont Trading Post, plus bragging rights!

Please note that we may need to modify your basic design to include Troop information, comply with copyright laws, or keep costs down.

Check out this WEBSITE with ideas from ClassB, a company that makes shirts and other Scouting stuff.

Please submit your design(s) by May 5th!