Philadelphia Encampment

  Friday October 11th to Sunday October 13th - Lighthouse Field (Hunting Park), Philadelphia  -  Encampment Website is HERE  
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Come to the Philadelphia Encampment and help us restart a tradition that's been dormant for over 40 years!
The Encampment is a Camporee for Scout Troops from within the City of Philadelphia, PLUS it's an opportunity to showcase the Scouting program for boys from Scoutreach, an offshoot of Boy Scouts designed for urban and minority populations.

Troop 98 is putting on one quarter of the entire program, and we need all our Scouts to participate to make it a success!

What are we doing?  We're running a program on Scoutcraft/Pioneering, and we need to:
  • Build the Ferris Wheel, a large Monkey Bridge, and a working Flagpole (all need to be ready by Saturday AM)
  • Run four competitions for the morning Camporee (competition among patrols):
    • Chariot Race
    • Giant Walker
    • Flagpole-Making
    • Log Lift
  • Run instruction and limited competition in the afternoon for Scoutreach and day visitors
  • The Coyote Patrol will compete in the morning Camporee activities, in addition to Troop Guides and any Scouts who want to join them
  • Camping out with many Scouts from Philadelphia at Lighthouse Field
Many of our Senior Scouts have been planning this event for several weeks, but we need lots of help on the weekend to make it successful.  Please do your best to participate for the entire weekend, but we still need you even if you can only come for a few hours (let us know on the RSVP so we can tell you how to arrive and depart). 
Depart:  Friday October 11th at 5PM from St. Johns (some schools have off Friday; if you can leave earlier than 5PM please let us know on the RSVP)
Return: Sunday October 13th at 1PM at St. Johns
Tenting by patrols / Meals provided by Troop 98, except for Saturday evening Patrol Dessert Competition (this is a Troop 98-only competition)
What you need to bring:
  • Full Class A Uniform (Look Sharp! Boy's Life and Scouting magazine will be at this event taking pictures, plus Channel 17 News)
  • Your Troop 98 Name Tag (if you need a new one let the Stuffsack know before Friday 4 October - click HERE)
  • Clothing and eating gear for a weekend campout; spending money for the Trading Post
  • Work gloves (for pioneering and running the Ferris Wheel - trust us; you'll need them!)
  • Troop 98 Permission Slip (being sent via email)

Please help us make this an awesome Showcase of Scouting!