2014 Patrol Reorganization

Patrols are the building blocks of a Boy Scout troop. A patrol is a small group of boys who are similar in age, development, and interests. Working together as a team, patrol members share the responsibility for the patrol's success. They gain confidence by serving in positions of patrol leadership. All patrol members enjoy the friendship, sense of belonging, and achievements of the patrol and of each of its members.

Who would you like in your patrol?  What would you like to accomplish? Who do you think would be a good leader and suited to what you and your friends want to get out of Scouting?

 Click HERE  to let us know who you would like in your patrol and what kind of patrol you'd like to have.  To see the list of all Scouts in Troop 98, click on the Patrol Membership link on the left sidebar of this page.

You may also send an email to the Scoutmaster with your choices.

Note that we will still keep a Senior Patrol made up of Scouts in high school (10th to 12th grades).

We will gather the choices from as many Scouts as we can by the Troop meeting on December 5th, then announce the preliminary patrol lineups.

Below: First Year patrol 2009, Spartans patrol 2009, Aliens patrol 2009