OSR Campout Instructions

If you are not going on the campout please ignore the rest of this message.
  • We're leaving from St. John's at 5:30PM on Friday. Please try to arrive by 5:15 and see the ride-assignment Scout for ride and gear directions (hand him your signed permission slip, which you will receive via email later today).

  • If there is no room for your gear in the car you are assigned to find another car to put it in (try Mr. Williams' truck; 😁).

  • If you are arriving or departing Ockanickon at an odd time you will not be able to drive to where we're staying. Park in the upper parking lot (where we usually park and stay for Summer Camp (circled purple below), then cross the road into camp. Walk down the main road (Rudy's Way) or the back trail (the one from the Dining Hall to the Trading Post). We're staying in Palmer B, aka the Handicrafts Building (circled red below)

  • We will *NOT* be rock climbing due to the weather. Instead we're going to bring our cross-country skis. If you don't yet have it, take a look at the requirements for Snow Sports Merit Badge. We will still be working on Philmont preps and rank and merit badge advancement (so bring your Scout Handbook!).

  • Your Scout uniform is not required for this trip.

  • Since there's lots of snow, please BE PREPARED with cold and wet weather gear (waterproof pants and jacket, two pairs of outdoor gloves, extra socks, winter shoes/boots and extra socks [wool is best], warm hat). Make sure you bring extra dry clothes to change into if needed.

  • Unless you choose to sleep in a tent or Adirondack, you'll be sleeping in a cot in a heated cabin. Bring a deck of cards or simple board game in case we have downtime (think Winterfest).

  • The Trading Post may be open this weekend (so you may want to Be Prepared with some moolah!).

  • Bring your Hiking Boots (in addition to snow boots).

  • Bring your Scout Handbook (regardless of your rank).

  • If you are going to Philmont please pack and bring your backpack (if you have it) with everything you'd need for a weekend trip:
    • clothes
    • sleeping bag/pad
    • hiking boots and your preferred liner socks and outer socks
    • eating gear (bowl/cup/spork or mess kit [but beware we'll make a little fun of you if you bring a full mess kit])
    • personal items
    • crew-shared items that you may have such as:
      • backpacking tent
      • backpacking stove
      • water filter
      • first aid kit