Orienteering Meet at French Creek - Saturday 4 May

Let's go Orienteering!


On Saturday the 4th we will be going to the MASOC (Mid-Atlantic Scout Orienteering Championship) at French Creek State Park (MAP).  Scouts from all over the Middle Atlantic states will come to compete against each other on various orienteering courses.

What is an Orienteering meet, you may ask?  Well, it's like a timed hide-and-seek contest in the woods using a map and compass.  Here's a decent description ==> OMEET2. But the most important thing to know is that it's a really fun sport, that's easy to participate in, and there are meets held all over the world.  If you've never done this, don't worry.  It's pretty easy to learn and there will be time for instruction before you start competing.

The format for MASOC is traditional competition in the morning (in pairs of two Scouts, for new and beginner Scouts, and alone for more experienced Scouts), followed by a SCORE event in the afternoon (where you get a fixed amount of time to visit as many controls as possible; you decide your own route!).

  • Depart at 9AM from St. John's Church
  • Wear clothes for outdoor running (it will be warm but bring one layer to keep you warm when you're waiting to start and at the end, but that you can remove as you run through the woods and get warm).  Please wear your Scout shirt for photo opportunities.
  • Bring a compass, if you have one
  • Bring a water bottle and a decent bag lunch (make sure you ate a good breakfast; you'll expend a lot of energy!)
  • Bring a permission slip (which will be emailed to you separately after you RSVP)
  • Return to St. John's at approximately 4PM (we will call you on the way home if earlier or later by 15 minutes)

Parents:  We need drivers for this event.  If you can help us drive to/from this event please indicate so on the RSVP.

        RSVP HERE

Why you should go orienteering:
  1. It's fun
  2. It's challenging
  3. It gets you out of the house
  4. It gets you in shape 

  5. It gets you credit for advancement (most of First Class Requirement #2 and possibly Second Class Requirement #1)
  6. It gets you credit for part of Orienteering Merit Badge
  7. You get to represent Troop 98 against other troops!