Olympia Scope 2013

SCOPE Campout with Canadian Scouts

May 17 to 19  (if you are hosting a Canadian Scout he will be with you from the 16th to the 20th)

Every four years, our Scout District conducts an exchange program with a Scout District in Canada. Last year, Scouts from our area visited Canada. This year the Canadian Scouts will be coming to Pennsylvania. Our guests will arrive on Thursday evening May 16 and attend school with their host on Friday. Friday evening we'll all go camping together returning on Sunday to spend the rest of the day with their host and stay overnight. Monday morning, our guests return home.

What will we do at the campout?  It is similar to a camporee with several stations:

  • cooking
  • Paint Ball (target shooting only)
  • archery
  • climbing
  • swimming
  • games
  • crafts
You will get to share in fellowship with Canadian scouts and trade patches.  This is a great opportunity to do something with international Scouts that few US Scouts get to experience.

Plus, help us build the Troop 98 Ferris Wheel!  

2007 Troop 98 Ferris Wheel

Depart from:  St. John's at 5:30 PM on Friday May 17th
Return to:  St. John's at Noon on Sunday May 19th
Camping at: Briarwood Day Camp - Furlong, PA  MAP
Cost: $45.00 / PERSON (Event fee) - Please bring a check to a troop meeting made out to "BSA Troop 98" and put it in the Treasurer's box.

This fee is assessed by the Council.  We recognize this is expensive for a weekend campout so we will cover the cost of meals from the Troop treasury.  Please let a Scoutmaster know if you want to go but this cost represents a hardship.

History of the Scope/Olympia:  The event began in 1967 with an invitation by Baden Powell District to Brampton Area Scouting to visit with Baden Powell District Scouting in the US.  It was followed up with an invitation for the Americans to come to Canada and visit there. After each two years rotation we would skip three years and begin again with the program. Having reached our 45th anniversary the program grew, by invitation, to other units in the States and to other towns in Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area.  The program includes home hospitality, camping, touring of another country and amazing, awesome fellowship.