New Scout Orientation 2020

Welcome to Boy Scouts!

William, Jacob, Regen, Malin, Christopher, Derek, Felipe, Caden, Andrew, Reece, Chase, Calixte

You are now Troop 98 "First Year Scouts", or First Years, for short.

Please join us for a Virtual (online) New Scout Orientation this Saturday 4 April from 9AM to 10:30 (ish), followed by a New Parent Meeting from 10:30 to 11:30AM. 
  • First Year Scouts should join from 9AM to 10:15. During the presentation Scouts and leaders from Troop 98 will help First Years start learning what Scouts in Troop 98 is about. Boys will also have a chance to play online games and tell us a little bit about themselves. Parents are welcome to join this meeting, whether in the background or via a separate login/instance.

  • We will present a Summer Camp Promotion from 10:15 to 10:30, where we explain how Scout camp works and encourage you to sign up. Both New Scouts and parents should join this. This presentation will be recorded for viewing later in case you can't make it. Summer Camp info and dates are on our website HERE.

  • We will present a New Scout Parent's Meeting from 10:30 to 11:30AM to explain to adults how the troop operates and answer any questions. This presentation is geared toward adults, but New Scouts can listen in if they'd like. This presentation will be recorded for viewing later in case you can't make it.
It's best if you can login from a laptop or a computer (although a tablet or smartphone will work, too). Please close as many open windows as you can. You should login at 8:45 AM to make sure everything works. 
The Scout Motto is Be Prepared. Please Be Prepared for the Orientation by doing the following:
  1. Please try connecting a little early to make sure everything works. We suggest trying at 8:45AM. You can wear headphones if you think it would be helpful. If you haven't been on a videoconference recently from your computer, tablet or smartphone please test everything out before Saturday. Reply via email if you'd like help doing this.
  2. Please wear your Scout uniform (your Webelos/AOL uniform is okay) including a neckerchief, if you have one.
  3. Sign in to the session with your Scout name if you can (first/nickname and initial of last name), and please make and put on a name tag that will make it easy to identify you on the video call, like this:
  4. We will be having one or two online games using Kahoot! If you've never used Kahoot! you can check out a video of how it works HERE and a sample game HERE. You need to play Kahoot! from the internet so it's helpful to have a second device available, like an iPad, or have another internet browser window open (in addition to the window you have open for the Zoom meeting). Please have the Kahoot! site open ahead of time LINK or download the Kahoot! mobile app to your smartphone or tablet.
  5. We will ask each First Year Scout to introduce himself at some point in the meeting and tell us "Four Facts" about himself, three of which are true and one which is false. Please think about what you will say ahead of time. For instance, for me I might say (can you guess which one isn't true?): 
    • 1 - I'm an Eagle Scout 
    • 2 - I've lived in three different countries
    • 3 - I've run a marathon
    • 4 - My favorite food is tacos
  6. Parents, we're going to mail you a Troop 98 neckerchief so that you receive it before Saturday's meeting. During the virtual meeting we're going to ask you to place this neckerchief on your son to simulate a "crossover" ceremony from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. If you are not currently at your home address please reply to this message with an address where we should mail the neckerchief for your son.
    Troop 98 neckerchief.jpg
  7. Please reply to this message if you have any questions or concerns, or we made any mistakes! We're doing our best to continue Scouting and make it be relevant during these challenging times. More info on our website HERE and HERE.
We hope you're excited about joining Scouts. And don't worry, before long you'll be camping, hiking, canoeing, and building cool stuff like our ferris wheel! See you on Saturday!

Ferris Wheel PSF 2019.jpg