Joining Troop 98

==> From time to time Troop 98 has a waiting list for Scouts entering in certain grades <==

There are lots of other troops besides Troop 98 in our area. Click HERE for a list or go to

Why should you join Boy Scouts?  Fun, challenge, learning, friendship, preparation.  Take a look at this BSA video HERE.
Youth Members (Boy Scouts)

You can join Boy Scouts of America if:
  • You are 11 years old, OR
  • You have completed 5th grade, OR
  • You have earned the Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award and are 10 years old
You also must be under the age of 18 (see the right column of this page for registration options for 18-21 year olds).

  1. Complete an online Youth Application HERE

    • If you are currently registered in Cub Scouts you should:
      • obtain your "BSA ID" from your Den Leader or Cubmaster (or ask the Troop 98 Scoutmaster) and,
      • enter your BSA ID when asked in the online application
      • If you are a 5th grader be sure to select 6th grade on the online form (otherwise BSA won't let you register).
    • Make sure you select "Pay by Check" and don't send in any funds. Troop 98 will make payment for you from the dues you pay us. 
    • Consult THIS PAGE for screen shots and additional instructions.
    • If you are unsuccessful registering online you can complete a paper application HERE.

  2. Complete a Troop 98 Contact Information Form HERE.

  3. Complete a BSA Annual Health Form HERE.

  4. We charge: 
    • $50 to join (this covers the cost of uniform parts, Scout Handbook, name tag, and more), plus
    • dues of $220 per year, payable in December for the next year (or half in December, half in June); we prorate dues if you join during the year ($18.33 x months remaining in the calendar year), except
    • dues of $100 for High School seniors
      After the 2020 Scout year dues will rise, likely to $250 per year

  5. Dues cover registration fees with BSA and almost all expenses for a Scout’s participation, other than meals (organized and paid for within his patrol) and special activities (like a rafting trip, climbing, or Summer Camp). We don't want the cost of Scouting to ever prevent a boy from joining or participating in Troop 98. Please see the Scoutmaster or the Treasurer if you or someone you know would benefit from financial assistance.
  6. We use Splitwise to track your payments (credits) and charges (debits). Read about SplitWise HERE

  7. Purchase a Scout uniform. See the Uniform Guide link on the left sidebar of this website. We provide a custom Troop 98 patch so don't buy the numbers 9 and 8.

  8. Obtain a Scout Handbook, neckerchief and uniform patches from the Stuffsack (a Scout who takes care of these items) at a Troop Meeting. Don't buy these yourself; your joining fee covers the cost of these items.

If you're were or are currently registered with the BSA in another troop you're welcome to visit any of our meetings or activities to see what Scouting is like in Troop 98 (remember: every troop is different). Should you decide to transfer to Troop 98 you'll need to complete items 1 through 4 above plus the following:
  • You'll need to give us evidence of your advancement and participation in your old troop. If that troop used Troopmaster software for its recordkeeping please ask for a copy of your Individual History Report and Scout Individual Participation report (if possible, obtain these in both printed/PDF and electronic formats).

  • You will need to pay the Troop 98 joining fee ($50) plus a pro-rated dues ($18.33 x months remaining in the calendar year). See the Scoutmaster or Scout Onboarding Coordinator to determine the exact charge. 
    2020 Dues: $220/year, $18.33/month; $100 for High School seniors.

  • See the "Stuffsack" Scout at a troop meeting who will give you Troop 98-specific uniform parts (the cost of these is included in your joining fee). You'll need:
    • Troop 98 numeral patch
    • Cradle of Liberty Council patch (if you don't have this one)
    • Troop 98 neckerchief (and slide, if you don't have one)
    • Name tag (we'll order this for you)
Adult Members (Scout Leaders)

Troop 98 welcomes adult leaders who subscribe to the aims and methods of the Boy Scouts of America, who are willing to dedicate the time required to do their volunteer job well, and who pass a reference and background check.

Adult members must be at least 18, but most positions require them to be 21 (see column to the right for details on positions for 18 to 20 year-olds).

Assistant Scoutmasters are uniformed, "on-the-ground" leaders who participate in most meetings and activities and are the first line of delivering the Scouting program to the boys, plus training and coaching junior leaders. 

Registered leaders who support the program may be able to deduct many of their Scouting-related expenses on their tax returns [LINK].

Committee Member
The Troop Committee is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Troop, setting policy, and carrying out Boards of Review for Scouts as they advance in rank. See more details HERE.

Merit Badge Counselor
The Boy Scout Merit Badge program offers 137 badges in many diverse topics.  Each of these requires an adult to act as a "Merit Badge Counselor", who will guide a Scout in its requirements and their completion.  Please see details on merit badges and counseling and training HERE.  If you think you can help us because of your work, hobby, study or passion, please contact the Scoutmaster or the Advancement Coordinator.

Training is available!
Almost every adult position in the Boy Scouts of America has a TRAINING COURSE available. Some courses are done online and some in person. Most positions require that you be trained (a good idea for you and for Troop 98!). Please GO HERE to learn about training. You should always start with Youth Protection Training (link below).

Please see the Scoutmaster or the Troop Committee Chairman to discuss your interest in any adult positions.
  1. Adult Leader Application HERE. Be sure to include references, sign the application, and complete and sign the form on page 15.

  2. Youth Protection Training HERE (follow directions on the right hand side of the page)

  3. Merit Badge Counselor information sheet HERE (provides the basis/justification for why someone is qualified to counsel a particular badge or badges)

  4. You must also comply with the PENNSYLVANIA CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES LAW and complete several registration steps. See details via links at the bottom of this page.
2019 Background Check Authorization for all currently registered adults • "wet" signature required and turn in to ASM Tim. ==> LINK <==
"Aging Out" - What happens when a Scout turns 18...

A Scout who's turned 18 and wants to remain registered with Troop 98 can do so (subject to approval from the Troop Committee).  He must complete an Adult Application, take training appropriate for the position he selects, and pay our Council's adult membership fee each year, currently $35.

Here's the details:

If you've turned 18 you can no longer be registered as a Boy Scout.  We hope you'll choose to stay involved in the Troop 98 program, or a different troop's program.  If you choose to do so, you have to be registered.

If you're between 18 and 21 years old you can be registered as either:
  1. An Assistant Scoutmaster - this will require you to complete Youth Protection Training (online), Assistant Scoutmaster Training (classroom), and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (typically one weekend)
  2. A member of "Unit College Scouter Reserve" - this position is for a former Scout who is attending college, and requires you to complete Youth Protection Training (online)
    Please discuss each of these options with the Scoutmaster if you're not sure which to choose
For either position, you have to complete an Adult Leader Application (HERE) and pay an annual fee of $35 (prorated for the year).

We cannot register you unless you've taken Youth Protection Training (HERE).

You must also comply with the PENNSYLVANIA CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES LAW and complete several registration steps. See details via links at the bottom of this page.

Troop 98 Senior Scouts and alumni - May 2016

Other valuable information for when you turn 18 or graduate from high school...

Complete these three VERY IMPORTANT legal documents as soon as you turn 18 (read why you should HERE and HERE):
  1. Health Care Power of Attorney

  2. Durable Power of Attorney

  3. Living Will (Advance Care Directive)
A local attorney, Bonnie Moses of Willow Grove, has offered to prepare these documents for Troop 98 Scouts at no cost. You can contact Bonnie HERE (tell her Scoutmaster Bob sent you).

If you're an older adult and haven't done any of this, take a look at THIS ARTICLE.

Ask your parents to get you a credit card on their account. Here's why.

Other things...