Luke M's Eagle Project

Hello everybody! If you don’t know me, I am Luke Murray, a Life Scout and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader in Troop 98. I am in the process of doing my Eagle Scout project, and I would like you to help out!


What I am doing


My Eagle Scout project involves building two types of bird nesting boxes for Wissahickon Trails (WT), a non-profit organization in the area. The nesting boxes will provide a home and shelter for the birds and give them a place to raise their young.

The project volunteers will initially be building the boxes at home and then installing the boxes at WT preserve at a later date. Attached are the instructions to build the nesting boxes to give you an idea about what is involved. I’ll also provide you with a video regarding the construction of the boxes.


I will deliver the wood and screws to volunteers, so they can construct boxes. Once they are completed, then I will pick up the finished boxes from volunteers’ homes. When all boxes have been built, volunteers will install the boxes under my supervision at nature preserves in the Blue Bell area.


How you can help


Since we can’t gather together to build the boxes due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, I will need each volunteer to build boxes at their home. To sign up, email me here and let me know that you’d like to volunteer, including your home address. I will enter your name in this table. I’d like to have each volunteer build 2 nesting boxes. If you’d like to build 3 boxes, that is good also; just let me know in your email. When I have your address, I will deliver to you the materials needed to build the nesting boxes. Email me when you are done building the boxes, and I will come pick up the finished box.


If you volunteer to build boxes for my project, you must be 14 or over, as you will need to use a power drill and BSA safety regulations mandate that you be 14 or over to use that tool. I am aiming to have all boxes built within two weeks of starting.

In order to build a box, you must have:


  • Adult supervision
  • A power drill
  • A drill bit of 1/8 inch or similar size
  • A screw bit
  • A table that you can use to place the wood on and build the boxes

As we get closer to completing all the boxes, I will notify you when the installation will take place.


Here is the link to the video I mentioned above: