House of Midnight Camporee

Sign-up for the House of Midnight Camporee

  • This is a VIRTUAL camporee held on Zoom

  • It's being conducted from London, England, so you'll have to start at 3:45AM US time and stick with it for several hours. Please don't stay up all Friday night. Your Scoutmaster asks you to pledge to go to sleep early on Friday (A Scout is Trustworthy).

  • We will make one or two patrols from Scouts who sign up by Friday and give you instructions on how to meet up and collaborate.

  • There are only 7 patrols signed up as of now, which increases your odds of prevailing!

Welcome recruit,

I am very pleased that you were able to complete and survive your orientation. I welcome you into the fellowship of the Society. Fortunately, we can send you on your first expedition immediately. Recently, two of our senior members, Inspector Mortimer Ponders and Doctor Artemisia Hunt, have gone astray during their exploration of the House of Midnight. This legendary domicile is full of unique treasures which belong in the safe hands of the Society. As such, we ask that you and your fellow recruits journey henceforth to the House of Midnight to retrieve said treasures and return with them to the Society's headquarters for further study. If you happen to find Inspector Ponders and Doctor Hunt during your adventure, we would be grateful for their return as well. I enclose Inspector Ponders’s last letter and some extracts from their Journal 3. I also enclose the standard decryption disc for the SEA. In the meanwhile, good luck recruits. Exploratio continua!

Magister Cornelius Pevensey